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Message for 1900, by Mary Baker Eddy
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work or good workers are themselves workers who appreciate
a life, and labor to awake the slumbering capability
of man.  And what the best thinker and worker has said
and done, they are not far from saying and doing.  As a
rule the Adam-race are not apt to worship the pioneer
of spiritual ideas, - but ofttimes to shun him as their
tormentor.  Only the good man loves the right thinker
and worker, and cannot worship him, for that would destroy
this man's goodness.
   To-day it surprises us that during the period of captivity
the Israelites in Babylon hesitated not to call the divine
name Yahwah, afterwards transcribed Jehovah; also
that women's names contained this divine appellative and
so sanctioned idolatry, - other gods.  In the heathen
conception Yahwah, misnamed Jehovah, was a god of
hate and of love, who repented himself, improved on his
work of creation, and revenged himself upon his enemies.
However, the animus of heathen religion was not the incentive
of the devout Jew - but has it not tainted the religious

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sects?  This seedling misnomer couples love and
hate, good and evil, health and sickness, life and death,
with man - makes His opposites as real and normal as
the one God, and so unwittingly consents to many minds
and many gods.  This precedent that would commingle
Christianity, the gospel of the New Testament and the
teaching of the righteous Galilean, Christ Jesus, with the
Babylonian and Neoplatonic religion, is being purged by
a purer Judaism and nearer approach to monotheism and
the perfect worship of one God.
   To-day people are surprised at the new and forward
steps in religion, which indicate a renaissance greater than
in the mediaeval period; but ought not this to be an agreeable
surprise, inasmuch as these are progressive signs of
the times?
   It should seem rational that the only perfect religion is
divine Science, Christianity as taught by our great Master;
that which leaves the beaten path of human doctrines and
is the truth of God, and of man and the universe.  The
divine Principle and rules of this Christianity being demonstrable,
they are undeniable; and they must be found
final, absolute, and eternal.  The question as to religion
is:  Does it demonstrate its doctrines?  Do religionists
believe that God is One and All?  Then whatever is real
must proceed from God, from Mind, and is His reflection
and Science.  Man and the universe coexist with God in
Science, and they reflect God and nothing else.  In divine
Science, divine Love includes and reflects all that really
is, all personality and individuality.  St. Paul beautifully
enunciates this fundamental fact of Deity as the "Father

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of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all."
This scientific statement of the origin, nature, and government
of all things coincides with the First Commandment
of the Decalogue, and leaves no opportunity for idolatry
or aught besides God, good.  It gives evil no origin, no
reality.  Here note the words of our Master corroborating
this as self-evident.  Jesus said the opposite of God -
good - named devil - evil - "is a liar, and the father
of it" - that is, its origin is a myth, a lie.
   Applied to Deity, Father and Mother are synonymous
terms; they signify one God.  Father, Son, and Holy
Ghost mean God, man, and divine Science.  God is self-existent,
the essence and source of the two latter, and their
office is that of eternal, infinite individuality.  I see no
other way under heaven and among men whereby to have
one God, and man in His image and likeness, loving another

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