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Message for 1900, by Mary Baker Eddy
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Christ walking the wave of earth's troubled sea, like Peter
we believe in the second coming, and would walk more
closely with Christ; but find ourselves so far from the embodiment
of Truth that ofttimes this attempt measurably
fails, and we cry, "Save, or I perish!"  Then the tender,
loving Christ is found near, affords help, and we are saved
from our fears.  Thus it is we walk here below, and wait
for the full appearing of Christ till the long night is past
and the morning dawns on eternal day.  Then, if sin and

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flesh are put off, we shall know and behold more nearly
the embodied Christ, and with saints and angels shall be
satisfied to go on till we awake in his likeness.
   The good man imparts knowingly and unknowingly
goodness; but the evil man also exhales consciously and
unconsciously his evil nature - hence, be careful of your
company.  As in the floral kingdom odors emit characteristics
of tree and flower, a perfume or a poison, so the human
character comes forth a blessing or a bane upon
individuals and society.  A wicked man has little real
intelligence; he may steal other people's good thoughts,
and wear the purloined garment as his own, till God's
discipline takes it off for his poverty to appear.
   Our Master saith to his followers: "Bring forth things
new and old."  In this struggle remember that sensitiveness
is sometimes selfishness, and that mental idleness or
apathy is always egotism and animality.  Usefulness is
doing rightly by yourself and others.  We lose a percentage
due to our activity when doing the work that belongs to
another.  When a man begins to quarrel with himself he
stops quarrelling with others.  We must exterminate self
before we can successfully war with mankind.  Then, at
last, the right will boil over the brim of life and the fire
that purifies sense with Soul will be extinguished.  It is not
Science for the wicked to wallow or the good to weep.
   Learn to obey; but learn first what obedience is.
When God speaks to you through one of His little ones,
and you obey the mandate but retain a desire to follow
your own inclinations, that is not obedience.  I sometimes
advise students not to do certain things which I

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know it were best not to do, and they comply with my
counsel; but, watching them, I discern that this obedience
is contrary to their inclination.  Then I sometimes withdraw
that advice and say: "You may do it if you
desire."  But I say this not because it is the best thing to
do, but because the student is not willing - therefore,
not ready - to obey.
   The secret of Christian Science in right thinking and
acting is open to mankind, but few, comparatively, see it;
or, seeing it, shut their eyes and wait for a more convenient
season; or as of old cry out: "Why art thou come hither
to torment me before the time?"
   Strong desires bias human judgment and misguide action,
else they uplift them.  But the reformer continues
his lightning, thunder, and sunshine till the mental atmosphere
is clear.  The reformer must be a hero at all
points, and he must have conquered himself before he can
conquer others.  Sincerity is more successful than genius
or talent.
   The twentieth century in the ebb and flow of thought
will challenge the thinkers, speakers, and workers to do
their best.  Whosoever attempts to ostracize Christian
Science will signally fail; for no one can fight against God,
and win.
   My loyal students will tell you that for many years I
have desired to step aside and to have some one take my
place as leader of this mighty movement.  Also that I

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