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there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed."
   Christ being the Son of God, a spiritual, divine emanation,
Christ must be spiritual, not material.  Jesus was
the son of Mary, therefore the son of man only in the
sense that man is the generic term for both male and
female.  The Christ was not human.  Jesus was human,
but the Christ Jesus represented both the divine and the
human, God and man.  The Science of divine metaphysics
removes the mysticism that used to enthrall my sense of
the Godhead, and of Jesus as the Son of God and the son
of man.  Christian Science explains the nature of God as
both Father and Mother.
   Theoretically and practically man's salvation comes
through "the riches of His grace" in Christ Jesus.  Divine
Love spans the dark passage of sin, disease, and death with
Christ's righteousness, - the atonement of Christ, whereby
good destroys evil, - and the victory over self, sin, disease,
and death, is won after the pattern of the mount.  This is
working out our own salvation, for God worketh with us,
until there shall be nothing left to perish or to be punished,
and we emerge gently into Life everlasting.  This
is what the Scriptures demand - faith according to
   After Jesus had fulfilled his mission in the flesh as the

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Son of man, he rose to the fulness of his stature in Christ,
the eternal Son of God, that never suffered and never
died.  And because of Jesus' great work on earth, his demonstration
over sin, disease, and death, the divine nature
of Christ Jesus has risen to human apprehension, and we
see the Son of man in divine Science; and he is no longer
a material man, and mind is no longer in matter.  Through
this redemptive Christ, Truth, we are healed and saved,
and that not of our selves, it is the gift of God; we are
saved from the sins and sufferings of the flesh, and are
the redeemed of the Lord.

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