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   True, I have made the Bible, and "Science and Health
with Key to the Scriptures," the pastor for all the churches
of the Christian Science denomination, but that does not
make it impossible for this pastor of ours to preach!  To
my sense the Sermon on the Mount, read each Sunday
without comment and obeyed throughout the week, would
be enough for Christian practice.  The Word of God is a
powerful preacher, and it is not too spiritual to be practical,
nor too transcendental to be heard and understood.
Whosoever saith there is no sermon without personal
preaching, forgets what Christian Scientists do not, namely,
that God is a Person, and that he should be willing to hear
a sermon from his personal God!
   But, my brethren, the Scripture saith, "Answer not a
fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him."
St. Paul complains of him whose god is his belly:  to

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such a one our mode of worship may be intangible, for it
is not felt with the fingers; but the spiritual sense drinks
it in, and it corrects the material sense and heals the sinning
and the sick.  If St. John should tell that man that
Jesus came neither eating nor drinking, and that he baptized
with the Holy Ghost and with fire, he would naturally
reply, "That is too transcendental for me to believe,
or for my worship.  That is Johnism, and only Johnites
would be seen in such company."  But this is human:  even
the word Christian was anciently an opprobrium; -
hence the Scripture, "When the Son of man cometh, shall
he find faith on the earth?"
   Though a man were begirt with the Urim and Thummim
of priestly office, yet should not have charity, or should
deny the validity and permanence of Christ's command to
heal in all ages, he would dishonor that office and misinterpret
evangelical religion.  Divine Science is not an interpolation
of the Scriptures, it is redolent with health,
holiness, and love.  It only needs the prism of divine
Science, which scholastic theology has obscured, to divide
the rays of Truth, and bring out the entire hues of God.
The lens of Science magnifies the divine power to human
sight; and we then see the allness of Spirit, therefore the
nothingness of matter.

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