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   My views of a future and eternal punishment take in a
poignant present sense of sin and its suffering, punishing
itself here and hereafter till the sin is destroyed.  St.
John's types of sin scarcely equal the modern nondescripts,
whereby the demon of this world, its lusts, falsities,
envy, and hate, supply sacrilegious gossip with the
verbiage of hades.  But hatred gone mad becomes imbecile
- outdoes itself and commits suicide.  Then let the
dead bury its dead, and surviving defamers share our pity.
   In the Greek devil is named serpent - liar - the
god of this world; and St. Paul defines this world's god as
dishonesty, craftiness, handling the word of God
deceitfully.  The original text defines devil as accuser,
calumniator; therefore, according to Holy Writ these
qualities are objectionable, and ought not to proceed from
the individual, the pulpit, or the press.  The Scriptures
once refer to an evil spirit as dumb, but in its origin evil
was loquacious, and was supposed to outtalk Truth and
to carry a most vital point.  Alas! if now it is permitted
license, under sanction of the gown, to handle with garrulity
age and Christianity!  Shall it be said of this century
that its greatest discoverer is a woman to whom men
go to mock, and go away to pray?  Shall the hope for our
race commence with one truth told and one hundred falsehoods
told about it?

'01 17

   The present self-inflicted sufferings of mortals from sin,
disease, and death should suffice so to awaken the sufferer
from the mortal sense of sin and mind in matter as
to cause him to return to the Father's house penitent and
saved; yea, quickly to return to divine Love, the author
and finisher of our faith, who so loves even the repentant
prodigal - departed from his better self and struggling
to return - as to meet the sad sinner on his way and to
welcome him home.

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