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   Had not my first demonstrations of Christian Science
or metaphysical healing exceeded that of other methods,
they would not have arrested public attention and started
the great Cause that to-day commands the respect of our
best thinkers.  It was that I healed the deaf, the blind, the
dumb, the lame, the last stages of consumption, pneumonia,
etc., and restored the patients in from one to three interviews,
that started the inquiry, What is it?  And when the
public sentiment would allow it, and I had overcome a
difficult stage of the work, I would put patients into the
hands of my students and retire from the comparative
ease of healing to the next more difficult stage of action
for our Cause.
   From my medical practice I had learned that the dynamics
of medicine is Mind.  In the highest attenuations of
homoeopathy the drug is utterly expelled, hence it must
be mind that controls the effect; and this attenuation in
some cases healed where the allopathic doses would not.

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When the "mother tincture" of one grain of the drug was
attenuated one thousand degrees less than in the beginning,
that was my favorite dose.
   The weak criticisms and woeful warnings concerning
Christian Science healing are less now than were the
sneers forty years ago at the medicine of homoeopathy;
and the medicine of Mind is more honored and respected
to-day than the old-time medicine of matter.  Those who
laugh at or pray against transcendentalism and the Christian
Scientist's religion or his medicine, should know the
danger of questioning Christ Jesus' healing, who administered
no remedy apart from Mind, and taught his disciples
none other.  Christian Science seems transcendental
because the substance of Truth transcends the evidence
of the five personal senses, and is discerned only through
divine Science.
   If God created drugs for medical use, Jesus and his
disciples would have used them and named them for that
purpose, for he came to do "the will of the Father."  The
doctor who teaches that a human hypothesis is above a
demonstration of healing, yea, above the grandeur of our
great master Metaphysician's precept and example, and
that of his followers in the early centuries, should read
this Scripture: "The fool hath said in his heart, There is
no God."
   The divine Life, Truth, Love - whom men call God -
is the Christian Scientists' healer; and if God destroys the
popular triad - sin, sickness, and death - remember it
is He who does it and so proves their nullity.
   Christians and clergymen pray for sinners; they believe

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that God answers their prayers, and that prayer is a divinely
appointed means of grace and salvation.  They believe
that divine power, besought, is given to them in times of
trouble, and that He worketh with them to save sinners.
I love this doctrine, for I know that prayer brings the
seeker into closer proximity with divine Love, and thus
he finds what he seeks, the power of God to heal and to
save.  Jesus said, "Ask, and ye shall receive;" and if not
immediately, continue to ask, and because of your often
coming it shall be given unto you; and he illustrated his
saying by a parable.
   The notion that mixing material and spiritual means,
either in medicine or in religion, is wise or efficient, is
proven false.  That animal natures give force to character
is egregious nonsense - a flat departure from Jesus'
practice and proof.  Let us remember that the great Metaphysician
healed the sick, raised the dead, and commanded
even the winds and waves, which obeyed him

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