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   From ordinary mental practice to Christian Science is a
long ascent, but to go from the use of inanimate drugs to
any susceptible misuse of the human mind, such as mesmerism,
hypnotism, and the like, is to subject mankind
unwarned and undefended to the unbridled individual
human will.  The currents of God flow through no such
   The whole world needs to know that the milder forms

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of animal magnetism and hypnotism are yielding to its
aggressive features.  We have no moral right and no
authority in Christian Science for influencing the thoughts
of others, except it be to serve God and benefit mankind.
Man is properly self-governed, and he should be guided
by no other mind than Truth, the divine Mind.  Christian
Science gives neither moral right nor might to harm either
man or beast.  The Christian Scientist is alone with his
own being and with the reality of things.  The mental
malpractitioner is not, cannot be, a Christian Scientist; he
is disloyal to God and man; he has every opportunity to
mislead the human mind, and he uses it.  People may
listen complacently to the suggestion of the inaudible
falsehood, not knowing what is hurting them or that they
are hurt.  This mental bane could not bewilder, darken, or
misguide consciousness, physically, morally, or spiritually,
if the individual knew what was at work and his power
over it.
   This unseen evil is the sin of sins; it is never forgiven.
Even the agony and death that it must sooner or later
cause the perpetrator, cannot blot out its effects on himself
till he suffers up to its extinction and stops practising
it.  The crimes committed under this new-old regime of
necromancy or diabolism are not easily reckoned.  At
present its mystery protects it, but its hidden modus and
flagrance will finally be known, and the laws of our land
will handle its thefts, adulteries, and murders, and will
pass sentence on the darkest and deepest of human
   Christian Scientists are not hypnotists, they are not

'01 21

mortal mind-curists, nor faith-curists; they have faith,
but they have Science, understanding, and works as well.
They are not the addenda, the et ceteras, or new editions
of old errors; but they are what they are, namely, students
of a demonstrable Science leading the ages.

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