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   In an article published in the New York Journal,
Rev.  -  -  writes: "To the famous Bishop Berkeley of the
Church of England may be traced many of the ideas about
the spiritual world which are now taught in Christian
   This clergyman gives it as his opinion that Christian
Science will be improved in its teaching and authorship
after Mrs. Eddy has gone.  I am sorry for my critic, who
reckons hopefully on the death of an individual who loves
God and man; such foreseeing is not foreknowing, and
exhibits a startling ignorance of Christian Science, and a
manifest unfitness to criticise it or to compare its literature.
He begins his calculation erroneously; for Life is the
Principle of Christian Science and of its results.  Death
is neither the predicate nor postulate of Truth, and Christ
came not to bring death but life into the world.  Does this
critic know of a better way than Christ's whereby to benefit
the race?  My faith assures me that God knows more
than any man on this subject, for did He not know all
things and results I should not have known Christian
Science, or felt the incipient touch of divine Love which
inspired it.

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   That God is good, that Truth is true, and Science is
Science, who can doubt; and whosoever demonstrates the
truth of these propositions is to some extent a Christian
Scientist.  Is Science material?  No!  It is the Mind of
God - and God is Spirit.  Is Truth material?  No!
Therefore I do not try to mix matter and Spirit, since
Science does not and they will not mix.  I am a spiritual
homoeopathist in that I do not believe in such a compound.
Truth and Truth is not a compound; Spirit and Spirit is
not:  but Truth and error, Spirit and matter, are compounds
and opposites; so if one is true, the other is false.
If Truth is true, its opposite, error, is not; and if Spirit is
true and infinite, it hath no opposite; therefore matter
cannot be a reality.
   I begin at the feet of Christ and with the numeration
table of Christian Science.  But I do not say that one added
to one is three, or one and a half, nor say this to accommodate
popular opinion as to the Science of Christianity.
I adhere to my text, that one and one are two all the way
up to the infinite calculus of the infinite God.  The numeration
table of Christian Science, its divine Principle and
rules, are before the people, and the different religious
sects and the differing schools of medicine are discussing
them as if they understood its Principle and rules before
they have learned its numeration table, and insist that the
public receive their sense of the Science, or that it receive
no sense whatever of it.
   Again:  Even the numeration table of Christian Science
is not taught correctly by those who have departed from
its absolute simple statement as to Spirit and matter, and

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that one and two are neither more nor less than three;
and losing the numeration table and the logic of Christian
Science, they have little left that the sects and faculties
can grapple.  If Christian Scientists only would admit
that God is Spirit and infinite, yet that God has an opposite
and that the infinite is not all; that God is good and
infinite, yet that evil exists and is real, - thence it would
follow that evil must either exist in good, or exist outside
of the infinite, - they would be in peace with the
   This departure, however, from the scientific statement,
the divine Principle, rule, or demonstration of Christian

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