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Science, results as would a change of the denominations
of mathematics; and you cannot demonstrate Christian
Science except on its fixed Principle and given rule, according
to the Master's teaching and proof.  He was ultra;
he was a reformer; he laid the axe at the root of all error,
amalgamation, and compounds.  He used no material
medicine, nor recommended it, and taught his disciples
and followers to do likewise; therefore he demonstrated
his power over matter, sin, disease, and death, as no other
person has ever demonstrated it.
   Bishop Berkeley published a book in 1710 entitled
"Treatise Concerning the Principle of Human
Knowledge." Its object was to deny, on received principles of
philosophy, the reality of an external material world.  In
later publications he declared physical substance to be
"only the constant relation between phenomena connected
by association and conjoined by the operations of the
universal mind, nature being nothing more than conscious

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experience.  Matter apart from conscious mind is an impossible
and unreal concept."  He denies the existence of
matter, and argues that matter is not without the mind,
but within it, and that that which is generally called
matter is only an impression produced by divine power on
the mind by means of invariable rules styled the laws of
nature.  Here he makes God the cause of all the ills of
mortals and the casualties of earth.
   Again, while descanting on the virtues of tar-water, he
writes: "I esteem my having taken this medicine the
greatest of all temporal blessings, and am convinced that
under Providence I owe my life to it."  Making matter
more potent than Mind, when the storms of disease beat
against Bishop Berkeley's metaphysics and personality he
fell, and great was the fall - from divine metaphysics to
   Christian Science is more than two hundred years old.
It dates beyond Socrates, Leibnitz, Berkeley, Darwin, or
Huxley.  It is as old as God, although its earthly advent
is called the Christian era.
   I had not read one line of Berkeley's writings when I
published my work Science and Health, the Christian
Science textbook.
   In contradistinction to his views I found it necessary to
follow Jesus' teachings, and none other, in order to
demonstrate the divine Science of Christianity - the metaphysics
of Christ - healing all manner of diseases.  Philosophy,
materia medica, and scholastic theology were
inadequate to prove the doctrine of Jesus, and I relinquished
the form to attain the spirit or mystery of

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godliness.  Hence the mysticism, so called, of my writings
becomes clear to the godly.
   Building on the rock of Christ's teachings, we have a
superstructure eternal in the heavens, omnipotent on earth,
encompassing time and eternity.  The stone which the
builders reject is apt to be the cross, which they reject and
whereby is won the crown and the head of the corner.
   A knowledge of philosophy and of medicine, the scholasticism
of a bishop, and the metaphysics (so called)
which mix matter and mind, - certain individuals call
aids to divine metaphysics, and regret their lack in my
books, which because of their more spiritual import heal
the sick!  No Christly axioms, practices, or parables are
alluded to or required in such metaphysics, and the demonstration
of matter minus, and God all, ends in some
specious folly.
   The great Metaphysician, Christ Jesus, denounced all
such gilded sepulchres of his time and of all time.  He
never recommended drugs, he never used them.  What,
then, is our authority in Christianity for metaphysics based

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