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on materialism?  He demonstrated what he taught.  Had
he taught the power of Spirit, and along with this the
power of matter, he would have been as contradictory
as the blending of good and evil, and the latter superior,
which Satan demanded in the beginning, and which has
since been avowed to be as real, and matter as useful, as
the infinite God, - good, - which, if indeed Spirit and
infinite, excludes evil and matter.  Jesus likened such
self-contradictions to a kingdom divided against itself,
that cannot stand.

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   The unity and consistency of Jesus' theory and practice
give my tired sense of false philosophy and material theology
rest.  The great teacher, preacher, and demonstrator
of Christianity is the Master, who founded his system of
metaphysics only on Christ, Truth, and supported it by
his words and deeds.
   The five personal senses can have only a finite sense
of the infinite:  therefore the metaphysician is sensual
that combines matter with Spirit.  In one sentence he
declaims against matter, in the next he endows it with a
life-giving quality not to be found in God! and turns
away from Christ's purely spiritual means to the schools
and matter for help in times of need.
   I have passed through deep waters to preserve Christ's
vesture unrent; then, when land is reached and the world
aroused, shall the word popularity be pinned to the seamless
robe, and they cast lots for it?  God forbid!  Let
it be left to such as see God - to the pure in spirit,
and the meek that inherit the earth; left to them of a
sound faith and charity, the greatest of which is charity
- spiritual love.  St. Paul said: "Though I speak
with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not
charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling
   Before leaving this subject of the old metaphysicians,
allow me to add I have read little of their writings.  I was
not drawn to them by a native or an acquired taste for
what was problematic and self-contradictory.  What I
have given to the world on the subject of metaphysical
healing or Christian Science is the result of my own observation,

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experience, and final discovery, quite independent
of all other authors except the Bible.
   My critic also writes: "The best contributions that
have been made to the literature of Christian Science have
been by Mrs. Eddy's followers.  I look to see some St.
Paul arise among the Christian Scientists who will interpret
their ideas and principles more clearly, and apply
them more rationally to human needs."
   My works are the first ever published on Christian
Science, and nothing has since appeared that is correct
on this subject the basis whereof cannot be traced to some
of those works.  The application of Christian Science is
healing and reforming mankind.  If any one as yet has
healed hopeless cases, such as I have in one to three interviews
with the patients, I shall rejoice in being informed
thereof.  Or if a modern St. Paul could start thirty years
ago without a Christian Scientist on earth, and in this
interval number one million, and an equal number of sick
healed, also sinners reformed and the habits and appetites
of mankind corrected, why was it not done?  God is
no respecter of persons.
   I have put less of my own personality into Christian
Science than others do in proportion, as I have taken out
of its metaphysics all matter and left Christian Science
as it is, purely spiritual, Christlike - the Mind of God
and not of man - born of the Spirit and not matter.
Professor Agassiz said: "Every great scientific truth goes
through three stages.  First, people say it conflicts with

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