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the Bible.  Next, they say it has been discovered before.
Lastly, they say they had always believed it."  Having

'01 28

passed through the first two stages, Christian Science must
be approaching the last stage of the great naturalist's
   It is only by praying, watching, and working for the
kingdom of heaven within us and upon earth, that we
enter the strait and narrow way, whereof our Master said,
"and few there be that find it."
   Of the ancient writers since the first century of the
Christian era perhaps none lived a more devout Christian
life up to his highest understanding than St. Augustine.
Some of his writings have been translated into almost
every Christian tongue, and are classed with the choicest
memorials of devotion both in Catholic and Protestant
   Sacred history shows that those who have followed exclusively
Christ's teaching, have been scourged in the
synagogues and persecuted from city to city.  But this
is no cause for not following it; and my only apology for
trying to follow it is that I love Christ more than all the
world, and my demonstration of Christian Science in
healing has proven to me beyond a doubt that Christ,
Truth, is indeed the way of salvation from all that worketh
or maketh a lie.  As Jesus said: "It is enough for
the disciple that he be as his master."  It is well to know
that even Christ Jesus, who was not popular among the
worldlings in his age, is not popular with them in this
age; hence the inference that he who would be popular
if he could, is not a student of Christ Jesus.
   After a hard and successful career reformers usually
are handsomely provided for.  Has the thought come to

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Christian Scientists, Have we housed, fed, clothed, or
visited a reformer for that purpose?  Have we looked after
or even known of his sore necessities?  Gifts he needs not.
God has provided the means for him while he was providing
ways and means for others.  But mortals in the advancing
stages of their careers need the watchful and
tender care of those who want to help them.  The aged
reformer should not be left to the mercy of those who are
not glad to sacrifice for him even as he has sacrificed for
others all the best of his earthly years.
   I say this not because reformers are not loved, but because
well-meaning people sometimes are inapt or selfish
in showing their love.  They are like children that go out
from the parents who nurtured them, toiled for them, and
enabled them to be grand coworkers for mankind, children
who forget their parents' increasing years and needs, and
whenever they return to the old home go not to help
mother but to recruit themselves.  Or, if they attempt
to help their parents, and adverse winds are blowing, this
is no excuse for waiting till the wind shifts.  They should
remember that mother worked and won for them by
facing the winds.  All honor and success to those who
honor their father and mother.  The individual who loves
most, does most, and sacrifices most for the reformer, is
the individual who soonest will walk in his footsteps.
   To aid my students in starting under a tithe of my own
difficulties, I allowed them for several years fifty cents on
every book of mine that they sold.  "With this percentage,"
students wrote me, "quite quickly we have regained
our tuition for the college course."

'01 30

   Christian Scientists are persecuted even as all other
religious denominations have been, since ever the primitive
Christians, "of whom the world was not worthy."
We err in thinking the object of vital Christianity is only

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