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the first centuries is that the same reviling it received
then it receives now, and from the same motives which
actuate one sect to persecute another in advance of it.
   Christian Scientists are harmless citizens that do not
kill people either by their practice or by preventing the

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early employment of an M.D.  Why?  Because the effect
of prayer, whereby Christendom saves sinners, is quite
as salutary in the healing of all manner of diseases.  The
Bible is our authority for asserting this, in both cases.
The interval that detains the patient from the attendance
of an M.D., occupied in prayer and in spiritual obedience
to Christ's mode and means of healing, cannot be fatal
to the patient, and is proven to be more pathological than
the M.D.'s material prescription.  If this be not so, where
shall we look for the standard of Christianity?  Have we
misread the evangelical precepts and the canonical writings
of the Fathers, or must we have a new Bible and a
new system of Christianity, originating not in God, but
a creation of the schools - a material religion, proscriptive,
intolerant, wantonly bereft of the Word of God.
   Give us, dear God, again on earth the lost chord of
Christ; solace us with the song of angels rejoicing with
them that rejoice; that sweet charity which seeketh not
her own but another's good, yea, which knoweth no evil.
   Finally, brethren, wait patiently on God; return blessing
for cursing; be not overcome of evil, but overcome
evil with good; be steadfast, abide and abound in faith,
understanding, and good works; study the Bible and the
textbook of our denomination; obey strictly the laws that
be, and follow your Leader only so far as she follows
Christ.  Godliness or Christianity is a human necessity:
man cannot live without it; he has no intelligence, health,
hope, nor happiness without godliness.  In the words of
the Hebrew writers: "Trust in the Lord with all thine
heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In

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all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy
paths;" "and He shall bring forth thy righteousness as
the light, and thy judgment as the noonday."
   The question oft presents itself, Are we willing to sacrifice
self for the Cause of Christ, willing to bare our bosom
to the blade and lay ourselves upon the altar?  Christian
Science appeals loudly to those asleep upon the hill-tops
of Zion.  It is a clarion call to the reign of righteousness,
to the kingdom of heaven within us and on earth, and
Love is the way alway.

       O the Love divine that plucks us
         From the human agony!
       O the Master's glory won thus,
         Doth it dawn on you and me?

       And the bliss of blotted-out sin
         And the working hitherto -
       Shall we share it - do we walk in
         Patient faith the way thereto?

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