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   Beloved brethren, another year of God's loving
providence for His people in times of persecution has
marked the history of Christian Science.  With no special
effort to achieve this result, our church communicants
constantly increase in number, unity, steadfastness.  Two
thousand seven hundred and eighty-four members have
been added to our church during the year ending June,
1902, making total twenty-four thousand two hundred and
multiplying everywhere and blossoming as the rose.  Evil,
though combined in formidable conspiracy, is made to
glorify God.  The Scripture declares, "The wrath of man
shall praise Thee:  the remainder of wrath shalt Thou
   Whatever seems calculated to displace or discredit the
ordinary systems of religious beliefs and opinions wrestling
only with material observation, has always met with
opposition and detraction; this ought not so to be, for
a system that honors God and benefits mankind should
be welcomed and sustained.  While Christian Science,
engaging the attention of philosopher and sage, is circling

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the globe, only the earnest, honest investigator sees
through the mist of mortal strife this daystar, and whither
it guides.
   To live and let live, without clamor for distinction or
recognition; to wait on divine Love; to write truth first
on the tablet of one's own heart, - this is the sanity and
perfection of living, and my human ideal.  The Science
of man and the universe, in contradistinction to all error,
is on the way, and Truth makes haste to meet and to welcome
it.  It is purifying all peoples, religions, ethics, and
learning, and making the children our teachers.
   Within the last decade religion in the United States has
passed from stern Protestantism to doubtful liberalism.
God speed the right!  The wise builders will build on the
stone at the head of the corner; and so Christian Science,
the little leaven hid in three measures of meal, - ethics,
medicine, and religion, - is rapidly fermenting, and enlightening
the world with the glory of untrammelled truth.
The present modifications in ecclesiasticism are an outcome
of progress; dogmatism, relegated to the past, gives
place to a more spiritual manifestation, wherein Christ
is Alpha and Omega.  It was an inherent characteristic
of my nature, a kind of birthmark, to love the Church;
and the Church once loved me.  Then why not remain
friends, or at least agree to disagree, in love, - part fair
foes.  I never left the Church, either in heart or in doctrine;
I but began where the Church left off.  When the
churches and I round the gospel of grace, in the circle of
love, we shall meet again, never to part.  I have always
taught the student to overcome evil with good, used no

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other means myself; and ten thousand loyal Christian
Scientists to one disloyal, bear testimony to this fact.
   The loosening cords of non-Christian religions in the
Orient are apparent.  It is cause for joy that among the
educated classes Buddhism and Shintoism are said to
be regarded now more as a philosophy than as a religion.
   I rejoice that the President of the United States has put
an end, at Charleston, to any lingering sense of the North's
half-hostility to the South, thus reinstating the old national
family pride and joy in the sisterhood of States.
   Our nation's forward step was the inauguration of
home rule in Cuba, - our military forces withdrawing,
and leaving her in the enjoyment of self-government under

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