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improved laws.  It is well that our government, in its brief
occupation of that pearl of the ocean, has so improved her
public school system that her dusky children are learning
to read and write.
   The world rejoices with our sister nation over the close
of the conflict in South Africa; now, British and Boer may
prosper in peace, wiser at the close than the beginning of
war.  The dazzling diadem of royalty will sit easier on the
brow of good King Edward, - the muffled fear of death
and triumph canker not his coronation, and woman's
thoughts - the joy of the sainted Queen, and the lay of
angels - hallow the ring of state.
   It does not follow that power must mature into oppression;
indeed, right is the only real potency; and the only
true ambition is to serve God and to help the race.  Envy
is the atmosphere of hell.  According to Holy Writ, the
first lie and leap into perdition began with "Believe in

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me."  Competition in commerce, deceit in councils, dishonor
in nations, dishonesty in trusts, begin with "Who
shall be greatest?"  I again repeat, Follow your Leader,
only so far as she follows Christ.
   I cordially congratulate our Board of Lectureship, and
Publication Committee, on their adequacy and correct
analysis of Christian Science.  Let us all pray at this
Communion season for more grace, a more fulfilled life
and spiritual understanding, bringing music to the ear,
rapture to the heart - a fathomless peace between
Soul and sense - and that our works be as worthy as
our words.
   My subject to-day embraces the First Commandment
in the Hebrew Decalogue, and the new commandment in
the gospel of peace, both ringing like soft vesper chimes
adown the corridors of time, and echoing and reechoing
through the measureless rounds of eternity.

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