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spiritually minded he becomes Godlike.  St. Paul
writes: "For to be carnally minded is death; but to be
spiritually minded is life and peace."  Divine Science
fulfils the law and the gospel, wherein God is infinite Love,
including nothing unlovely, producing nothing unlike

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Himself, the true nature of Love intact and eternal.  Divine
metaphysics concedes no origin or causation apart from
God.  It accords all to God, Spirit, and His infinite manifestations
of love - man and the universe.
   In the first chapter of Genesis, matter, sin, disease, and
death enter not into the category of creation or
consciousness. Minus this spiritual understanding of Scripture, of
God and His creation, neither philosophy, nature, nor
grace can give man the true idea of God - divine Love -
sufficiently to fulfil the First Commandment.
   The Latin omni, which signifies all, used as an English
prefix to the words potence, presence, science, signifies
all-power, all-presence, all-science.  Use these words to define
God, and nothing is left to consciousness but Love, without
beginning and without end, even the forever I AM, and
All, than which there is naught else.  Thus we have
Scriptural authority for divine metaphysics - spiritual
man and the universe coexistent with God.  No other
logical conclusion can be drawn from the premises,
and no other scientific proposition can be Christianly

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