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of telegraphy?  Did they quarrel long with the
inventor of a steam engine?  Is it cause for bitter comment
and personal abuse that an individual has met the
need of mankind with some new-old truth that counteracts
ignorance and superstition?  Whatever enlarges man's

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facilities for knowing and doing good, and subjugates
matter, has a fight with the flesh.  Utilizing the capacities
of the human mind uncovers new ideas, unfolds spiritual
forces, the divine energies, and their power over matter,
molecule, space, time, mortality; and mortals cry out,
"Art thou come hither to torment us before the time?"
then dispute the facts, call them false or in advance of the
time, and reiterate, Let me alone.  Hence the footprints
of a reformer are stained with blood.  Rev. Hugh
Black writes truly: "The birthplace of civilization is not
Athens, but Calvary."
   When the human mind is advancing above itself towards
the Divine, it is subjugating the body, subduing matter,
taking steps outward and upwards.  This upward tendency
of humanity will finally gain the scope of Jacob's
vision, and rise from sense to Soul, from earth to heaven.
   Religions in general admit that man becomes finally
spiritual.  If such is man's ultimate, his predicate tending
thereto is correct, and inevitably spiritual.  Wherefore,
then, smite the reformer who finds the more spiritual way,
shortens the distance, discharges burdensome baggage,
and increases the speed of mortals' transit from matter
to Spirit - yea, from sin to holiness?  This is indeed our
sole proof that Christ, Truth, is the way.  The old and
recurring martyrdom of God's best witnesses is the infirmity
of evil, the modus operandi of human error,
carnality, opposition to God and His power in man.
Persecuting a reformer is like sentencing a man for communicating
with foreign nations in other ways than by
walking every step over the land route, and swimming the

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ocean with a letter in his hand to leave on a foreign shore.
Our heavenly Father never destined mortals who seek
for a better country to wander on the shores of time disappointed
travellers, tossed to and fro by adverse circumstances,
inevitably subject to sin, disease, and death.
Divine Love waits and pleads to save mankind - and
awaits with warrant and welcome, grace and glory, the
earth-weary and heavy-laden who find and point the path
to heaven.
   Envy or abuse of him who, having a new idea or a more
spiritual understanding of God, hastens to help on his
fellow-mortals, is neither Christian nor Science.  If a
postal service, a steam engine, a submarine cable, a wireless
telegraph, each in turn has helped mankind, how
much more is accomplished when the race is helped onward
by a new-old message from God, even the knowledge
of salvation from sin, disease, and death.
   The world's wickedness gave our glorified Master a
bitter cup - which he drank, giving thanks, then gave
it to his followers to drink.  Therefore it is thine, advancing
Christian, and this is thy Lord's benediction upon
it: "Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute
you, and shall say all manner of evil against you
falsely, for my sake.  Rejoice, and be exceeding glad:
for great is your reward in heaven:  for so persecuted they
the prophets which were before you."
   Of old the Jews put to death the Galilean Prophet, the
best Christian on earth, for the truths he said and did:
while to-day Jew and Christian can unite in doctrine and in
practice on the very basis of his words and works.  The Jew

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believes that the Messiah or the Christ has not yet come;

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