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the Christian believes that Christ is come and is God.
Here Christian Science intervenes, explains these doctrinal
points, cancels the disagreement, and settles the whole question
on the basis that Christ is the Messiah, the true spiritual
idea, and this ideal of God is now and forever, here and
everywhere.  The Jew who believes in the First Commandment
is a monotheist, he has one omnipresent God:  thus
the Jew unites with the Christian idea that God is come,
and is ever present.  The Christian who believes in the
First Commandment is a monotheist:  thus he virtually
unites with the Jew's belief in one God, and that Jesus
Christ is not God, as he himself declared, but is the Son of
God.  This declaration of Christ, understood, conflicts not
at all with another of his sayings: "I and my Father are
one," - that is, one in quality, not in quantity.  As a drop
of water is one with the ocean, a ray of light one with the
sun, even so God and man, Father and son, are one in
being.  The Scripture reads: "For in Him we live, and
move, and have our being."
   Here allow me to interpolate some matters of business
that ordinarily find no place in my Message.  It is a privilege
to acquaint communicants with the financial transactions
of this church, so far as I know them, and especially
before making another united effort to purchase more land
and enlarge our church edifice so as to seat the large number
who annually favor us with their presence on Communion
   When founding the institutions and early movements of
the Cause of Christian Science, I furnished the money from

'02 13

my own private earnings to meet the expenses involved.
In this endeavor self was forgotten, peace sacrificed, Christ
and our Cause my only incentives, and each success incurred
a sharper fire from enmity.
   During the last seven years I have transferred to The
Mother Church, of my personal property and funds, to the
value of about one hundred and twenty thousand dollars;
and the net profits from the business of The Christian
Science Publishing Society (which was a part of this transfer)
yield this church a liberal income.  I receive no personal
benefit therefrom except the privilege of publishing my
books in their publishing house, and desire none other.
   The land on which to build The First Church of Christ,
Scientist, in Boston, had been negotiated for, and about one
half the price paid, when a loss of funds occurred, and I
came to the rescue, purchased the mortgage on the lot
corner of Falmouth and Caledonia (now Norway) Streets;
paying for it the sum of $4,963.50 and interest, through my
legal counsel.  After the mortgage had expired and the note
therewith became due, legal proceedings were instituted by
my counsel advertising the property in the Boston newspapers,
and giving opportunity for those who had previously
negotiated for the property to redeem the land by paying
the amount due on the mortgage.  But no one offering
the price I had paid for it, nor to take the property off my
hands, the mortgage was foreclosed, and the land legally
conveyed to me, by my counsel.  This land, now valued at
twenty thousand dollars, I afterwards gave to my church
through trustees, who were to be known as "The Christian
Science Board of Directors."  A copy of this deed is published

'02 14

in our Church Manual.  About five thousand dollars
had been paid on the land when I redeemed it.  The only
interest I retain in this property is to save it for my church.
I can neither rent, mortgage, nor sell this church edifice nor
the land whereon it stands.

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