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   I suggest as a motto for every Christian Scientist, - a
living and life-giving spiritual shield against the powers of
darkness, -

       "Great not like Caesar, stained with blood,
       But only great as I am good."

The only genuine success possible for any Christian - and
the only success I have ever achieved - has been accomplished
on this solid basis.  The remarkable growth and
prosperity of Christian Science are its legitimate fruit.  A
successful end could never have been compassed on any
other foundation, - with truths so counter to the common
convictions of mankind to present to the world.  From the
beginning of the great battle every forward step has been
met (not by mankind, but by a kind of men) with mockery,
envy, rivalry, and falsehood - as achievement after achievement
has been blazoned on the forefront of the world and
recorded in heaven.  The popular philosophies and religions
have afforded me neither favor nor protection in the
great struggle.  Therefore, I ask:  What has shielded and
prospered preeminently our great Cause, but the outstretched
arm of infinite Love?  This pregnant question,
answered frankly and honestly, should forever silence all
private criticisms, all unjust public aspersions, and afford
an open field and fair play.

'02 15

   In the eighties, anonymous letters mailed to me consecret,
shall reward thee openly."
   So spake Jesus.  The closet typifies the sanctuary of
of these letters nor sought the protection of the laws of my
country.  I leaned on God, and was safe.
   Healing all manner of diseases without charge, keeping
a free institute, rooming and boarding indigent students
that I taught "without money and without price," I struggled
on through many years; and while dependent on the
income from the sale of Science and Health, my publisher
paid me not one dollar of royalty on its first edition.  Those
were days wherein the connection between justice and being
approached the mythical.  Before entering upon my
great life-work, my income from literary sources was ample,
until, declining dictation as to what I should write, I became
poor for Christ's sake.  My husband, Colonel Glover, of
Charleston, South Carolina, was considered wealthy, but
much of his property was in slaves, and I declined to sell
them at his decease in 1844, for I could never believe that a
human being was my property.
   Six weeks I waited on God to suggest a name for the book
I had been writing.  Its title, Science and Health, came to
me in the silence of night, when the steadfast stars watched
over the world, - when slumber had fled, - and I rose
and recorded the hallowed suggestion.  The following day
I showed it to my literary friends, who advised me to drop
both the book and the title.  To this, however, I gave no
heed, feeling sure that God had led me to write that book,
and had whispered that name to my waiting hope and
prayer.  It was to me the "still, small voice" that came to

'02 16

Elijah after the earthquake and the fire.  Six months thereafter
Miss Dorcas Rawson of Lynn brought to me Wyclif's
translation of the New Testament, and pointed out that
identical phrase, "Science and Health," which is rendered
in the Authorized Version "knowledge of salvation."
This was my first inkling of Wyclif's use of that combination
of words, or of their rendering.  To-day I am the happy
possessor of a copy of Wyclif, the invaluable gift of two
Christian Scientists, - Mr. W. Nicholas Miller, K.C., and
Mrs. F. L. Miller, of London, England.

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