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of our own thoughts and acts; relying not on the
person of God or the person of man to do our work for us,
but on the apostle's rule, "I will show thee my faith by
my works."  This spiritualism would lead our lives to
higher issues; it would purify, elevate, and consecrate
man; it would teach him that "whatsoever a man soweth,
that shall he also reap."  The more spiritual we become


here, the more are we separated from the world; and
should this rule fail hereafter, and we grow more material,
and so come back to the world?  When I was told the other
day, "People say you are a medium," pardon me if I
smiled.  The pioneer of something new under the sun is
never hit:  he cannot be; the opinions of people fly too
high or too low.  From my earliest investigations of the
mental phenomenon named mediumship, I knew it was
misinterpreted, and I said it.  The spiritualists abused me
for it then, and have ever since; but they take pleasure in
calling me a medium.  I saw the impossibility, in Science,
of intercommunion between the so-called dead and the
living.  When I learned how mind produces disease on the
body, I learned how it produces the manifestations ignorantly
imputed to spirits.  I saw how the mind's ideals
were evolved and made tangible; and it matters not
whether that ideal is a flower or a cancer, if the belief is
strong enough to manifest it.  Man thinks he is a medium
of disease; that when he is sick, disease controls his body
to whatever manifestation we see.  But the fact remains,
in metaphysics, that the mind of the individual only can
produce a result upon his body.  The belief that produces
this result may be wholly unknown to the individual, because
it is lying back in the unconscious thought, a latent
cause producing the effect we see.
   "And these signs shall follow them that believe; In
my name shall they cast out devils."  The word devil
comes from the Greek diabolos; in Hebrew it is belial, and


signifies "that which is good for nothing, lust," etc.  The
signs referred to are the manifestations of the power of
Truth to cast out error; and, correcting error in thought,
it produces the harmonious effect on the body.  "Them
that believe" signifies those who understand God's supremacy,
- the power of Mind over matter.  "The new
tongue" is the spiritual meaning as opposed to the material.
It is the language of Soul instead of the senses; it translates
matter into its original language, which is Mind, and gives
the spiritual instead of the material signification.  It begins
with motive, instead of act, where Jesus formed his estimate;
and there correcting the motive, it corrects the act
that results from the motive.  The Science of Christianity
makes pure the fountain, in order to purify the stream.  It
begins in mind to heal the body, the same as it begins in
motive to correct the act, and through which to judge of it.
The Master of metaphysics, reading the mind of the poor
woman who dropped her mite into the treasury, said,
"She hath cast in more than they all."  Again, he charged
home a crime to mind, regardless of any outward act, and
sentenced it as our judges would not have done to-day.
Jesus knew that adultery is a crime, and mind is the
criminal.  I wish the age was up to his understanding of these
two facts, so important to progress and Christianity.
   "They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any
deadly thing, it shall not hurt them."  This is an unqualified
statement of the duty and ability of Christians to heal
the sick; and it contains no argument for a creed or doctrine,

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