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evil side; there is but one side to reality, and that is the
good side.
   God is All, and in all:  that finishes the question of
a good and a bad side to existence.  Truth is the real;
error is the unreal.  You will gather the importance of
this saying, when sorrow seems to come, if you will look
on the bright side; for sorrow endureth but for the night,
and joy cometh with the light.  Then will your sorrow be
a dream, and your waking the reality, even the triumph
of Soul over sense.  If you wish to be happy, argue with
yourself on the side of happiness; take the side you wish
to carry, and be careful not to talk on both sides, or to
argue stronger for sorrow than for joy.  You are the attorney
for the case, and will win or lose according to your
   As the mountain hart panteth for the water brooks, so
panteth my heart for the true fount and Soul's baptism.
Earth's fading dreams are empty streams, her fountains

HEA 11

play in borrowed sunbeams, her plumes are plucked from
the wings of vanity.  Did we survey the cost of sublunary
joy, we then should gladly waken to see it was unreal.  A
dream calleth itself a dreamer, but when the dream has
passed, man is seen wholly apart from the dream.
   We are in the midst of a revolution; physics are yielding
slowly to metaphysics; mortal mind rebels at its own
boundaries; weary of matter, it would catch the meaning
of Spirit.  The only immortal superstructure is built on
Truth; her modest tower rises slowly, but it stands and is
the miracle of the hour, though it may seem to the age like
the great pyramid of Egypt, - a miracle in stone.  The
fires of ancient proscription burn upon the altars of to-day;
he who has suffered from intolerance is the first to be
intolerant.  Homoeopathy may not recover from the heel of
allopathy before lifting its foot against its neighbor, metaphysics,
although homoeopathy has laid the foundation
stone of mental healing; it has established this axiom,
"The less medicine the better," and metaphysics adds,
"until you arrive at no medicine."  When you have
reached this high goal you have learned that proportionately
as matter went out and Mind came in as the remedy,
was its potency.  Metaphysics places all cause and cure
as mind; differing in this from homoeopathy, where cause
and cure are supposed to be both mind and matter.  Metaphysics
requires mind imbued with Truth to heal the sick;
hence the Christianity of metaphysical healing, and this
excellence above other systems.  The higher attenuations

HEA 12

of homoeopathy contain no medicinal properties, and
thus it is found out that Mind instead of matter heals
the sick.
   While the matter-physician feels the pulse, examines
the tongue, etc., to learn what matter is doing independent
of mind, when it is self-evident it can do nothing, the
metaphysician goes to the fount to govern the streams;
he diagnoses disease as mind, the basis of all action, and
cures it thus when matter cannot cure it, showing he was
right.  Thus it was we discovered that all physical effects
originate in mind before they can become manifest as
matter; we learned from the Scripture and Christ's healing
that God, directly or indirectly, through His providence
or His laws, never made a man sick.  When studying the
two hundred and sixty remedies of the Jahr, the characteristic
peculiarities and the general and moral symptoms
requiring the remedy, we saw at once the concentrated
power of thought brought to bear on the pharmacy of
homoeopathy, which made the infinitesimal dose effectual.
To prepare the medicine requires time and thought; you
cannot shake the poor drug without the involuntary

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