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thought, "I am making you more powerful," and the
sequel proves it; the higher attenuations prove that the
power was the thought, for when the drug disappears by
your process the power remains, and homoeopathists admit
the higher attenuations are the most powerful.  The
only objection to giving the unmedicated sugar is, it would
be dishonest and divide one's faith apparently between

HEA 13

matter and mind, and so weaken both points of action;
taking hold of both horns of the dilemma, we should work
at opposites and accomplish less on either side.
   The pharmacy of homoeopathy is reducing the one hundredth
part of a grain of medicine two thousand times,
shaking the preparation thirty times at every attenuation.
There is a moral to this medicine; the higher natures are
reached soonest by the higher attenuations, until the fact is
found out they have taken no medicine, and then the so-called
drug loses its power.  We have attenuated a grain of
aconite until it was no longer aconite, then dropped into
a tumblerful of water a single drop of this harmless solution,
and administering one teaspoonful of this water at
intervals of half an hour have cured the incipient stage of
fever.  The highest attenuation we ever attained was to
leave the drug out of the question, using only the sugar of
milk; and with this original dose we cured an inveterate
case of dropsy.  After these experiments you cannot be
surprised that we resigned the imaginary medicine altogether,
and honestly employed Mind as the only curative
   What are the foundations of metaphysical healing?
Mind, divine Science, the truth of being that casts out
error and thus heals the sick.  You can readily perceive
this mental system of healing is the antipode of mesmerism,
Beelzebub.  Mesmerism makes one disease while it is
supposed to cure another, and that one is worse than the
first; mesmerism is one lie getting the better of another,

HEA 14

and the bigger lie occupying the field for a period; it is the
fight of beasts, in which the bigger animal beats the lesser;
in fine, much ado about nothing.  Medicine will not arrive
at the science of treating disease until disease is treated
mentally and man is healed morally and physically.  What
has physiology, hygiene, or physics done for Christianity
but to obscure the divine Principle of healing and encourage
faith in an opposite direction?
   Great caution should be exercised in the choice of
physicians.  If you employ a medical practitioner, be sure
he is a learned man and skilful; never trust yourself in the
hands of a quack.  In proportion as a physician is enlightened
and liberal is he equipped with Truth, and his efforts
are salutary; ignorance and charlatanism are miserable
medical aids.  Metaphysical healing includes infinitely
more than merely to know that mind governs the body and
the method of a mental practice.  The preparation for a
metaphysical practitioner is the most arduous task I ever
performed.  You must first mentally educate and develop
the spiritual sense or perceptive faculty by which one learns
the metaphysical treatment of disease; you must teach
them how to learn, together with what they learn.  I
waited many years for a student to reach the ability to
teach; it included more than they understood.
   Metaphysical or divine Science reveals the Principle and
method of perfection, - how to attain a mind in harmony
with God, in sympathy with all that is right and opposed
to all that is wrong, and a body governed by this mind.

HEA 15

   Christian Science repudiates the evidences of the senses
and rests upon the supremacy of God.  Christian healing,

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