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established upon this Principle, vindicates the omnipotence
of the Supreme Being by employing no other remedy
than Truth, Life, and Love, understood, to heal all ills
that flesh is heir to.  It places no faith in hygiene or drugs;
it reposes all faith in mind, in spiritual power divinely
directed.  By rightly understanding the power of mind
over matter, it enables mind to govern matter, as it rises
to that supreme sense that shall "take up serpents" unharmed,
and "if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not
hurt them."  Christian Science explains to any one's perfect
satisfaction the so-called miracles recorded in the
Bible.  Ah! why should man deny all might to the divine
Mind, and claim another mind perpetually at war with this
Mind, when at the same time he calls God almighty and
admits in statement what he denies in proof?  You pray
for God to heal you, but should you expect this when you
are acting oppositely to your prayer, trying everything else
besides God, and believe that sickness is something He
cannot reach, but medicine can? as if drugs were superior
to Deity.
   The Scripture says, "Ye ask, and receive not, because
ye ask amiss;" and is it not asking amiss to pray for a
proof of divine power, that you have little or no faith in
because you do not understand God, the Principle of
this proof?  Prayer will be inaudible, and works more
than words, as we understand God better.  The Lord's

HEA 16

Prayer, understood in its spiritual sense, and given its
spiritual version, can never be repeated too often for the
benefit of all who, having ears, hear and understand.
Metaphysical Science teaches us there is no other Life,
substance, and intelligence but God.  How much are you
demonstrating of this statement? which to you hath the
most actual substance, - wealth and fame, or Truth and
Love?  See to it, O Christian Scientists, ye who have
named the name of Christ with a higher meaning, that you
abide by your statements, and abound in Love and Truth,
for unless you do this you are not demonstrating the
Science of metaphysical healing.  The immeasurable
Life and Love will occupy your affections, come nearer
your hearts and into your homes when you touch but the
hem of Truth's garment.
   A word about the five personal senses, and we will leave
our abstract subjects for this time.  The only evidence we
have of sin, sickness, or death is furnished by these senses;
but how can we rely on their testimony when the senses
afford no evidence of Truth?  They can neither see, hear,
feel, taste, nor smell God; and shall we call that reliable
evidence through which we can gain no understanding of
Truth, Life, and Love?  Again, shall we say that God
hath created those senses through which it is impossible to
approach Him?  Friends, it is of the utmost importance
that we look into these subjects, and gain our evidences of
Life from the correct source.  Jesus said, "I am the way,
the truth, and the life.  No man cometh unto the Father,

HEA 17

but by me," - through the footsteps of Truth.  Not by the
senses - the lusts of the flesh, the pride of life, envy,
hypocrisy, or malice, the pleasures or the pains of the
personal senses - does man get nearer his divine nature
and present the image and likeness of God.  How, then,
can it be that material man and the personal senses were
created by God?  Love makes the spiritual man, lust
makes the material so-called man, and God made all that
was made; therefore the so-called material man and these
personal senses, with all their evidences of sin, sickness,
and death, are but a dream, - they are not the realities of
life; and we shall all learn this as we awake to behold His

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