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   The allegory of Adam, when spiritually understood,
explains this dream of material life, even the dream of
the "deep sleep" that fell upon Adam when the spiritual
senses were hushed by material sense that before had
claimed audience with a serpent.  Sin, sickness, and
death never proceeded from Truth, Life, and Love.  Sin,
sickness, and death are error; they are not Truth, and
therefore are not TRUE.  Sin is a supposed mental condition;
sickness and death are supposed physical ones, but
all appeared through the false supposition of life and intelligence
in matter.  Sin was first in the allegory, and
sickness and death were produced by sin.  Then was not
sin of mental origin, and did not mind originate the
delusion?  If sickness and death came through mind, so
must they go; and are we not right in ruling them out of

HEA 18

mind to destroy their effects upon the body, that both
mortal mind and mortal body shall yield to the government
of God, immortal Mind?  In the words of Paul,
that "the old man" shall be "put off," mortality shall
disappear and immortality be brought to light.  People are
willing to put new wine into old bottles; but if this be
done, the bottle will break and the wine be spilled.
   There is no connection between Spirit and matter.
Spirit never entered and it never escaped from matter;
good and evil never dwelt together.  There is in reality
but the good:  Truth is the real; error, the unreal.  We
cannot put the new wine into old bottles.  If that could be
done, the world would accept our sentiments; it would willingly
adopt the new idea, if that idea could be reconciled
with the old belief; it would put the new wine into the
old bottle if it could prevent its effervescing and keep it
from popping out until it became popular.
   The doctrine of atonement never did anything for sickness
or claimed to reach that woe; but Jesus' mission
extended to the sick as much as to the sinner:  he established
his Messiahship on the basis that Christ, Truth,
heals the sick.  Pride, appetites, passions, envy, and malice
will cease to assert their Caesar sway when metaphysics is
understood; and religion at the sick-bed will be no blind
Samson shorn of his locks.  You must admit that what is
termed death has been produced by a belief alone.  The
Oxford students proved this:  they killed a man by no other
means than making him believe he was bleeding to death.

HEA 19

A felon was delivered to them for experiment to test the
power of mind over body; and they did test it, and proved
it.  They proved it not in part, but as a whole; they
proved that every organ of the system, every function of
the body, is governed directly and entirely by mind, else
those functions could not have been stopped by mind independently
of material conditions.  Had they changed
the felon's belief that he was bleeding to death, removed
the bandage from his eyes, and he had seen that a vein had
not been opened, he would have resuscitated.  The illusive
origin of disease is not an exception to the origin of all
mortal things.  Spirit is causation, and the ancient question,
Which is first, the egg or the bird? is answered by
the Scripture, He made "every plant of the field before it
was in the earth."
   Heaven's signet is Love.  We need it to stamp our religions
and to spiritualize thought, motive, and endeavor.
Tireless Being, patient of man's procrastination, affords
him fresh opportunities every hour; but if Science makes
a more spiritual demand, bidding man go up higher, he is
impatient perhaps, or doubts the feasibility of the demand.
But let us work more earnestly in His vineyard, and according

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