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Its Effect on Health and Christianity
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more or less spiritual.  Because God is Spirit, our thoughts
must spiritualize to approach Him, and our methods grow
more spiritual to accord with our thoughts.  Religion and


medicine must be dematerialized to present the right idea
of Truth; then will this idea cast out error and heal the
sick.  If changeableness that repenteth itself; partiality
that elects some to be saved and others to be lost, or that
answers the prayer of one and not of another; if incompetency
that cannot heal the sick, or lack of love that will
not; if unmercifulness, that for the sins of a few tired
years punishes man eternally, - are our conceptions of
Deity, we shall bring out these qualities of character in our
own lives and extend their influence to others.
   Judaism, enjoining the limited and definite form of a
national religion, was not more the antithesis of Christianity
than are our finite and material conceptions of
Deity.  Life is God; but we say that Life is carried on
through principal processes, and speculate concerning
material forces.  Mind is supreme; and yet we make more
of matter, and lean upon it for health and life.  Mind,
that governs the universe, governs every action of the body
as directly as it moves a planet and controls the muscles
of the arm.  God grant that the trembling chords of human
hope shall again be swept by the divine Talitha cumi,
"Damsel, I say unto thee, arise."  Then shall Christian
Science again appear, to light our sepulchres with
immortality.  We thank our Father that to-day the uncremated
fossils of material systems, already charred, are
fast fading into ashes; and that man will ere long stop
trusting where there is no trust, and gorging his faith with
skill proved a million times unskilful.


   Christian Science has one faith, one Lord, one baptism;
and this faith builds on Spirit, not matter; and this baptism
is the purification of mind, - not an ablution of the
body, but tears of repentance, an overflowing love, washing
away the motives for sin; yea, it is love leaving self
for God.  The cool bath may refresh the body, or as compliance
with a religious rite may declare one's belief; but
it cannot purify his mind, or meet the demands of Love.
It is the baptism of Spirit that washes our robes and makes
them white in the blood of the Lamb; that bathes us in the
life of Truth and the truth of Life.  Having one Lord, we
shall not be idolaters, dividing our homage and obedience
between matter and Spirit; but shall work out our own
salvation, after the model of our Father, who never pardons
the sin that deserves to be punished and can be destroyed
only through suffering.
   We ask and receive not, because we "ask amiss;" even
dare to invoke the divine aid of Spirit to heal the sick, and
then administer drugs with full confidence in their efficacy,
showing our greater faith in matter, despite the authority
of Jesus that "ye cannot serve two masters."
   Silent prayer is a desire, fervent, importunate:  here
metaphysics is seen to rise above physics, and rest all faith
in Spirit, and remove all evidence of any other power than
Mind; whereby we learn the great fact that there is no
omnipotence, unless omnipotence is the All-power.  This
truth of Deity, understood, destroys discord with the higher
and more potent evidences in Christian Science of man's

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harmony and immortality.  Thought is the essence of an
act, and the stronger element of action; even as steam is
more powerful than water, simply because it is more
ethereal.  Essences are refinements that lose some materiality;
and as we struggle through the cold night of physics,

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