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matter will become vague, and melt into nothing under the
microscope of Mind.
   Massachusetts succored a fugitive slave in 1853, and put
her humane foot on a tyrannical prohibitory law regulating
the practice of medicine in 1880.  It were well if the sister
States had followed her example and sustained as nobly
our constitutional Bill of Rights.  Discerning the God-given
rights of man, Paul said, "I was free born."  Justice
and truth make man free, injustice and error enslave
him.  Mental Science alone grasps the standard of liberty,
and battles for man's whole rights, divine as well as
human.  It assures us, of a verity, that mortal beliefs, and
not a law of nature, have made men sinning and sick, -
that they alone have fettered free limbs, and marred in
mind the model of man.
   We possess our own body, and make it harmonious or
discordant according to the images that thought reflects
upon it.  The emancipation of our bodies from sickness
will follow the mind's freedom from sin; and, as St. Paul
admonishes, we should be "waiting for the adoption, to
wit, the redemption of our body."  The rights of man were
vindicated but in a single instance when African slavery
was abolished on this continent, yet that hour was a

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prophecy of the full liberty of the sons of God as found in
Christian Science.  The defenders of the rights of the
colored man were scarcely done with their battles before a
new abolitionist struck the keynote of higher claims, in
which it was found that the feeblest mind, enlightened
and spiritualized, can free its body from disease as well as
sin; and this victory is achieved, not with bayonet and
blood, not by inhuman warfare, but in divine peace.
   Above the platform of human rights let us build another
staging for diviner claims, - even the supremacy of Soul
over sense, wherein man cooperates with and is made subject
to his Maker.  The lame, the blind, the sick, the sensual,
are slaves, and their fetters are gnawing away life
and hope; their chains are clasped by the false teachings,
false theories, false fears, that enforce new forms of oppression,
and are the modern Pharaohs that hold the children
of Israel still in bondage.  Mortals, alias mortal
minds, make the laws that govern their bodies, as directly
as men pass legislative acts and enact penal codes; while
the body, obedient to the legislation of mind, but ignorant
of the law of belief, calls its own enactments "laws of
matter."  The legislators who are greatly responsible for
all the woes of mankind are those leaders of public thought
who are mistaken in their methods of humanity.
   The learned quacks of this period "bind heavy burdens,"
that they themselves will not touch "with one of
their fingers."  Scientific guessing conspires unwittingly
against the liberty and lives of men.  Should we but

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hearken to the higher law of God, we should think for one
moment of these divine statutes of God:  Let them have
"dominion over all the earth."  "And if they drink any
deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands
on the sick, and they shall recover."  The only law of sickness
or death is a law of mortal belief, an infringement
on the merciful and just government of God.  When this
great fact is understood, the spurious, imaginary laws of
matter - when matter is not a lawgiver - will be disputed
and trampled under the feet of Truth.  Deal, then,
with this fabulous law as with an inhuman State law; repeal
it in mind, and acknowledge only God in all thy ways,
- "who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy
diseases."  Few there be who know what a power mind is

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