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Its Effect on Health and Christianity
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to heal when imbued with the spiritual truth that lifts man
above the demands of matter.
   As our ideas of Deity advance to truer conceptions,
we shall take in the remaining two thirds of God's plan
of redemption, - namely, man's salvation from sickness
and death.  Our blessed Master demonstrated this great
truth of healing the sick and raising the dead as God's
whole plan, and proved the application of its Principle to
human wants.  Having faith in drugs and hygienic drills,
we lose faith in omnipotence, and give the healing power
to matter instead of Spirit.  As if Deity would not if He
could, or could not if He would, give health to man; when
our Father bestows heaven not more willingly than health;
for without health there could be no heaven.

PEO 13

   The worshippers of wood and stone have a more material
deity, hence a lower order of humanity, than those
who believe that God is a personal Spirit.  But the worshippers
of a person have a lower order of Christianity than
he who understands that the Divine Being is more than a
person, and can demonstrate in part this great impersonal
Life, Truth, and Love, casting out error and healing the
sick.  This all-important understanding is gained in
Christian Science, revealing the one God and His all-power
and ever-presence, and the brotherhood of man in
unity of Mind and oneness of Principle.
   On the startled ear of humanity rings out the iron tread
of merciless invaders, putting man to the rack for his
conscience, or forcing from the lips of manhood shameful
confessions, - Galileo kneeling at the feet of priestcraft,
and giving the lie to science.  But the lofty faith of the
pious Polycarp proved the triumph of mind over the body,
when they threatened to let loose the wild beasts upon him,
and he replied: "Let them come; I cannot change at once
from good to bad."  Then they bound him to the stake,
set fire to the fagots, and his pure faith went up through
the baptism of fire to a higher sense of Life.  The infidel
was blind who said, "Christianity is fit only for women and
weak-minded men."  But infidels disagree; for Bonaparte
said: "Since ever the history of Christianity was written,
the loftiest intellects have had a practical faith in God;"
and Daniel Webster said: "My heart has assured and reassured
me that Christianity must be a divine reality."

PEO 14

   As our ideas of Deity become more spiritual, we express
them by objects more beautiful.  To-day we clothe our
thoughts of death with flowers laid upon the bier, and in
our cemeteries with amaranth blossoms, evergreen leaves,
fragrant recesses, cool grottos, smiling fountains, and
white monuments.  The dismal gray stones of church-yards
have crumbled into decay, as our ideas of Life have
grown more spiritual; and in place of "bat and owl on the
bending stones, are wreaths of immortelles, and white
fingers pointing upward."  Thus it is that our ideas of
divinity form our models of humanity.  O Christian Scientist,
thou of the church of the new-born; awake to a
higher and holier love for God and man; put on the whole
armor of Truth; rejoice in hope; be patient in tribulation,
- that ye may go to the bed of anguish, and look upon this
dream of life in matter, girt with a higher sense of omnipotence;
and behold once again the power of divine Life and
Love to heal and reinstate man in God's own image and
likeness, having "one Lord, one faith, one baptism."

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