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CHAPTER I - "Choose Ye"
page 552

then, came the creation of matter, sin, and death, mortal
pride and power, prestige or privilege?  The First Commandment
of the Hebrew Decalogue, "Thou shalt have
no other gods before me," and the Golden Rule are the
all-in-all of Christian Science.  They are the spiritual
idealism and realism which, when realized, constitute a
Christian Scientist, heal the sick, reform the sinner, and
rob the grave of its victory.  The spiritual understanding
which demonstrates Christian Science, enables the devout
Scientist to worship, not an unknown God, but Him whom,
understanding even in part, he continues to love more and
to serve better.
   Beloved, I am not with you in propria persona at this
memorable dedication and communion season, but I am
with you "in spirit and in truth," lovingly thanking your
generosity and fidelity, and saying virtually what the
prophet said:  Continue to choose whom ye will serve.
   Forgetting the Golden Rule and indulging sin, men
cannot serve God; they cannot demonstrate the omnipotence
of divine Mind that heals the sick and the sinner.
Human will may mesmerize and mislead man; divine
wisdom, never.  Indulging deceit is like the defendant

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arguing for the plaintiff in favor of a decision which the
defendant knows will be turned against himself.
   We cannot serve two masters.  Do we love God
supremely?  Are we honest, just, faithful?  Are we true
to ourselves?  "God is not mocked:  for whatsoever a
man soweth, that shall he also reap."  To abide in our
unselfed better self is to be done forever with the sins
of the flesh, the wrongs of human life, the tempter and
temptation, the smile and deceit of damnation.  When
we have overcome sin in all its forms, men may revile us
and despitefully use us, and we shall rejoice, "for great
is ur] reward in heaven."
   You have dexterously and wisely provided for The
Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, a magnificent temple
wherein to enter and pray.  Greatly impressed and
encouraged thereby, deeply do I thank you for this proof
of your progress, unity, and love.  The modest edifice
of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, began with
the cross; its excelsior extension is the crown.  The room
of your Leader remains in the beginning of this edifice,
evidencing the praise of babes and the word which proceedeth
out of the mouth of God.  Its crowning ultimate
rises to a mental monument, a superstructure high
above the work of men's hands, even the outcome of
their hearts, giving to the material a spiritual significance
- the speed, beauty, and achievements of goodness.
Methinks this church is the one edifice on earth which
most prefigures self-abnegation, hope, faith; love catching
a glimpse of glory.

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