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CHAPTER II: The Extension of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist:
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CHAPTER II: The Extension of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist:

Its Inception, Construction, and Dedication

JUNE 15, 1902

   Here allow me to interpolate some matters of business
that ordinarily find no place in my Message.
It is a privilege to acquaint communicants with the
financial transactions of this church, so far as I know
them, and especially before making another united effort
to purchase more land and enlarge our church edifice so
as to seat the large number who annually favor us with
their presence on Communion Sunday.


   Edward A. Kimball, C.S.D., offered the following
motion: -
   "Recognizing the necessity for providing an auditorium
for The Mother Church that will seat four or five thousand
persons, and acting in behalf of ourselves and the
Christian Scientists of the world, we agree to contribute

MY 8

any portion of two million dollars that may be necessary
for this purpose."

   In support of the motion, Mr. Kimball said in part:
   "Our denomination is palpably outgrowing the institutional
end thereof.  We need to keep pace with our own
growth and progress.  The necessity here indicated is beyond
cavil; beyond resistance in your thought."

   Judge William G. Ewing, in seconding the motion, said: -
   "As we have the best church in the world, and as we
have the best expression of the religion of Jesus Christ,
let us have the best material symbol of both of these, and
in the best city in the world.
   "Now I am sure that I have but expressed the universal
voice of Christian Scientists, that there should be something
done, and done immediately, to make reasonable
accommodation for the regular business of the Christian
Science church, and I believe really, with my faint
knowledge of arithmetic and the relationship of figures,
that a church of twenty-four thousand members should
have a seating capacity of more than nine hundred, if
they are all to get in."

   The motion was carried unanimously.

Greeting from the Church to Mrs. Eddy

   "Ten thousand Christian Scientists from throughout
the world, convened in annual business meeting in
Boston, send our greeting to you, whom we recognize
as logically the natural and indispensable Leader of our
religious denomination and its activity.
   "Since the last report, in 1900, one hundred and five
new churches or congregations have been added, and

MY 9

those previously established have had large accessions
to their membership.  In recognition of the necessity for
providing an audience-room in The Mother Church which
will seat four or five thousand persons, we have agreed to
contribute any portion of two million dollars that may
be needed for that purpose.
   "The instinctive gratitude which not only impels the
Christian to turn in loving thankfulness to his heavenly
Father, but induces him to glory in every good deed and
thought on the part of every man - this would be scant
indeed if it did not continually move us to utter our gratitude
to you and declare the depth of our affection and
   "To you, who are standing in the forefront of the effort
for righteous reform, we modestly renew the hope and
desire that we may worthily follow with you in the way
of salvation through Christ."


   To the Members of The Mother Church: - I am bankrupt

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