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CHAPTER II: The Extension of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist:
page 556

brought their tithes into His storehouse.  Then, when
this bringing is consummated, God will pour them out a
blessing above the song of angels, beyond the ken of
mortals - a blessing that two millions of love currency
will bring to be discerned in the near future as a gleam
of reality; not a madness and nothing, but a sanity
and something from the individual, stupendous, Godlike
agency of man.

ditorial in Christian Science Sentinel, January 2, 1904]

   A few days ago we received a letter from a friend in
another city, saying that he had just been informed -
and his informant claimed to have good authority for the
statement - that the entire amount required to complete
The Mother Church building fund had been paid in;
consequently further payments or subscriptions were not
   Our friend very promptly and emphatically pronounced
the story a fabrication of the evil one, and he
was entirely right in doing so.  If the devil were really
an entity, endowed with genius and inspiration, he could
not have invented a more subtle lie with which to ensnare
a generous and loyal people.
   As a matter of fact, the building fund is not complete,
but it is in such a healthy state that building operations
have been commenced, and they will be carried on without
interruption until the church is finished.  The rapidity
with which the work will be pushed forward necessitates
large payments of money, and it is desirable that the contributions
to the building fund keep pace with the disbursements.

MY 15

hristian Science Sentinel, March 5, 1904]

   Section 3 of Article XLI (XXXIV in revised edition) of
the Church By-laws has been amended to read as follows: -
   The Mother Church Building. - Section 3.  The
edifice erected in 1894 for The First Church of Christ,
Scientist, in Boston, Mass., shall neither be demolished
nor removed from the site where it was built, without the
written consent of the Pastor Emeritus, Mary Baker


   My Beloved Brethren: - My heart goes out to you as
ever in daily desire that the Giver of all good transform
you into His own image and likeness.  Already I have
said to you all that you are able to bear now, and thanking
you for your gracious reception of it I close with Kate
Hankey's excellent hymn, -

       I love to tell the story,
         Of unseen things above,
       Of Jesus and his glory,
         Of Jesus and his love.
       I love to tell the story,
         Because I know 'tis true;
       It satisfies my longings,
         As nothing else can do.

       I love to tell the story;
         For those who know it best
       Seem hungering and thirsting
          To hear it like the rest.
       And when, in scenes of glory,
         I sing the NEW, NEW SONG,
       'Twill be the OLD, OLD STORY
         That I have loved so long.

MY 16


   The report of Mr. Stephen A. Chase, treasurer of the
building fund of The Mother Church, made to the

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