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CHAPTER II: The Extension of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist:
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all your tithes into His storehouse, and what you would
expend for presents to her, please add to your givings
to The Mother Church building fund, and let this
suffice for her rich portion in due season.  Send no gifts
to her the ensuing season, but the evidences of glorious
growth in Christian Science.
                                        Mary Baker Eddy
\Pleasant View, Concord, N. H.,
\October 31, 1904


   In view of the fact that a general attendance of the
members of The Mother Church at the communion
and annual meeting in Boston entails the expenditure
of a large amount of money, and the further fact that
it is important that the building fund of The Mother
Church should be completed as early as possible, it has
been decided to omit this year the usual large gathering
in Boston, and to ask the members to contribute to

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the building fund the amount which they would have
expended in such an event.
   We all know of the loving self-sacrifices which have been
made by many of the branch churches in transferring to
this fund the money which had been collected for the
purpose of building church homes of their own, and it will
thus be seen that the course suggested will not only
hasten the completion of The Mother Church, but will
also advance the erection of many branch churches.
We therefore feel sure that all Christian Scientists will
gladly forego a visit to Boston at this time, in order to
contribute more liberally to the building fund and thereby
aid the progress of our Cause throughout the world.
   Christian Scientists have learned from experience that
divine Love more than compensates for every seeming
trial and deprivation in our loyalty to Truth, and it is
but right to expect that those who are willing to forego
their anticipated visit this year will receive a greater
blessing - "good measure, pressed down, and shaken
together, and running over."  The local members, who
have always experienced much pleasure in welcoming
their brethren from far and near, and who have anticipated
much joy in meeting very many of them this year,
will feel that they have been called upon to make no less
sacrifice than have others; but we are confident that
they too will be blessed, and that all will rejoice in the
glad reunion upon the completion of the new edifice in
  Ira O. Knapp,        Joseph Armstrong,
  William B. Johnson,  Stephen A. Chase,
  Archibald McLellan,
The Christian Science Board of Directors

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Extract from the Clerk's Report

   In the year 1902 our Leader saw the need of a larger
edifice for the home of The Mother Church, one that
would accommodate the constantly increasing attendance
at all the services, and the large gatherings at the annual
meeting; and, at the annual meeting in June, 1902, a
sum of money adequate to erect such a building was
pledged.  Christian Scientists have contributed already
for this grand and noble purpose, but let us not be unconsciously
blind to the further needs of the building fund,
in order to complete this great work, nor wait to be urged
or to be shown the absolute necessity of giving.
   Since 1866, almost forty years ago, - almost forty
years in the wilderness, - our beloved Leader and teacher,
Mrs. Eddy, the Founder of Christian Science, has labored
for the regeneration of mankind; and time has put its

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