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CHAPTER II: The Extension of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist:
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seal of affirmation upon every purpose she has set in
motion, and the justification of her labors is the fruit.
In these years of work she has shown wisdom, faith, and
a spiritual discernment of the needs of the present and of
the future that is nothing less than God-bestowed.
   In years to come the moral and the physical effects
produced by The Mother Church, and by the advanced
position taken by our Pastor Emeritus and Leader, will
appear in their proper perspective.  Is it not therefore
the duty of all who have touched the healing hem of
Christian Science, to get immediately into the proper
perspective of the meaning of the erection of the new
edifice of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in

MY 23

   It is not necessary for us to delay our contributions in
order to find out how much our neighbor has given, or to
compute by the total membership of The Mother Church
what amount each shall send the Treasurer.  The divine
Love that prompted the desire, and supplied the means to
consummate the erection of the present edifice in 1894, is
still with us, and will bless us so long as we follow His

Extract from the Treasurer's Report

   Building Fund: - Amount on hand June 1, 1905,
$303,189.41; expenditures June 1, 1904 to May 31, 1905,
$388,663.15; total receipts June 19, 1902 to June 1,
1905, $891,460.49.
   Amount necessary to complete the sum of $2,000,000
pledged at the annual meeting, 1902, $1,108,539.51.

Greeting to Mrs. Eddy from the Annual Meeting

   Beloved Teacher and Leader: - The members of your
church, The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ,
Scientist, in Boston, Mass., in annual business meeting
assembled, send their loyal and loving greetings to you,
the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science and
author of its textbook.
   We rejoice greatly that the walls of our new edifice are
rising, not only to faith but also to sight; that this temple,
which represents the worship of Spirit, with its inseparable
accompaniment, the Christ-healing, is being built in our
day; and that we have the privilege of participating
in the work of its erection.  As the stately structure
grows, and stone is laid upon stone, those who pass by are

MY 24

impelled to ask, What means this edifice? and they learn
that the truth which Christ Jesus revealed - the truth
which makes free - is to-day being proven and is ready
to heal all who accept its divine ministry.  We congratulate
you that the building is to express in its ample auditorium
something of the vastness of the truth it represents,
and also to symbolize your unmeasured love for humanity,
which inspires you to welcome all mankind to the privileges
of this healing and saving gospel.  As the walls are
builded by the prayers and offerings of the thousands
who have been healed through Christian Science, we know
that you rejoice in the unity of thought and purpose
which is thus expressed, showing that The Mother Church
"fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the

ditorial in Christian Science Sentinel, November 25, 1905]

   We are prompted to state, for the benefit of those who
have inquired about the progress of the work on the
extension to The Mother Church, that the erection of the
building is proceeding rapidly; in fact, it is being pushed
with the utmost energy, and at the present time there
are no less than fifteen different trades represented.  The
beauty of the building, and the substantial and enduring
character of its construction, have been remarked by the
many visitors who have recently inspected the work, and

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