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CHAPTER II: The Extension of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist:
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they have gone away with the conviction that the structure
is worthy of our Cause and that it will meet the needs of
The Mother Church as well as this can be done by a
building with a seating capacity of five thousand.
   It therefore occurs to us that there could be no more
appropriate time for completing the building fund than

MY 25

the present Thanksgiving season; and it is suggested to our
readers that there would be great propriety in making a
special effort during the coming week to dispose fully and
finally of this feature of the demonstration.

hristian Science Sentinel, March 17, 1906]


   The great interest exhibited by the children who attend
the Sunday School of The Mother Church is shown by
their contributions to the building fund.  The following
figures are taken from the report of the secretary of the
Sunday School and are most gratifying:
   March 1, 1903 to February 29, 1904, $621.10; March 1,
1904 to February 28, 1905, $845.96; March 1, 1905 to
February 28, 1906, $1,112.13; total, $2,579.19.


   Will one and all of my dear correspondents accept this,
my answer to their fervid question:  Owing to the time
consumed in travel, et cetera, I cannot be present in
propria persona at our annual communion and the dedication
in June next of The Mother Church of Christ,
Scientist.  But I shall be with my blessed church "in
spirit and in truth."
   I have faith in the givers and in the builders of this
church edifice, - admiration for and faith in the grandeur
and sublimity of this superb superstructure, wherein all
vanity of victory disappears and the glory of divinity
appears in all its promise.
                                        Mary Baker Eddy
  Pleasant View, Concord, N. H.,
  April 8, 1906

MY 26

hristian Science Sentinel, April 14, 1906]

   The Christian Science Board of Directors takes pleasure
in announcing that the extension of The Mother Church
will be dedicated on the date of the annual communion,
Sunday, June 10, 1906.

hristian Science Sentinel, April 28, 1906]

   My Beloved Students: - Your generous check of five
thousand dollars, April 23, 1906, is duly received.  You
can imagine my gratitude and emotion at the touch of
memory.  Your beneficent gift is the largest sum of money
that I have ever received from my church, and quite
unexpected at this juncture, but not the less appreciated.
My Message for June 10 is ready for you.  It is too
short to be printed in book form, for I thought it better
to be brief on this rare occasion.  This communion and
dedication include enough of their own.
   The enclosed notice I submit to you, and trust that you
will see, as I foresee, the need of it.  Now is the time to
throttle the lie that students worship me or that I claim
their homage.  This historical dedication should date
some special reform, and this notice is requisite to give
the true animus of our church and denomination.
                                        Lovingly yours,
                                        Mary Baker Eddy

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