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CHAPTER II: The Extension of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist:
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with me;" "Day by day the manna fell;" "Oh, the
clanging bells of time;" "Still, still with Thee;" "O'er
waiting harpstrings of the mind;" Doxology.
   Promptly at half past six the numerous doors of the
church were thrown open and the public had its first
glimpse of the great structure, the cost of which approximates
two millions of dollars, contributed from over the
entire world.  The first impression was of vastness, then
of light and cheerfulness, and when the vanguard of the
thousands had been seated, expressions of surprise and of
admiration were heard on every hand for the beauty and
the grace of the architecture.  The new home for worship
that was opened by the Scientists in Boston yesterday
can take a place in the front rank of the world's houses
of worship, and it is no wonder that the first sight which
the visitors caught of its interior should have impressed
them as one of the events of their lives.
   First Reader William D. McCrackan, accompanied by
the Second Reader, Mrs. Laura Carey Conant, and the
soloist for the services, Mrs. Hunt, was on the Readers'
platform.  Stepping to the front of the platform, when
the congregation had taken their seats, the First Reader
announced simply that they would sing Hymn 161,
written by Mrs. Eddy, as the opening of the dedicatory
service.  And what singing it was!  As though trained
carefully under one leader, the great body of Scientists
joined in the song of praise.

MY 32

   Spontaneous unanimity and repetition in unison were
two of the most striking features of the services.  When,
after five minutes of silent communion at the end of the
service, the congregation began to repeat the Lord's
Prayer, they began all together, and their voices rose as
one in a heartfelt appeal to the creator.
   So good are the acoustic properties of the new structure
that Mr. McCrackan and Mrs. Conant could be heard
perfectly in every part of it, and they did not have to lift
their voices above the usual platform tone.
   Following the organ voluntary - Fantasie in E minor,
Merkel - the order of service was as follows: -

   Hymn 161, from the Hymnal.  Words by the Rev.
Mary Baker Eddy. *1
   Reading from the Scriptures:  Deuteronomy 26 : 1, 2,
5-10 (first sentence).
   Silent prayer, followed by the audible repetition of the
Lord's Prayer with its spiritual interpretation as given in
the Christian Science textbook.
   Hymn 166, from the Hymnal. *2
   Reading of notices.
   Reading of Tenets of The Mother Church.
   Solo, "Communion Hymn," words by the Rev. Mary
Baker Eddy, music by William Lyman Johnson.
   Reading of annual Message from the Pastor Emeritus,
the Rev. Mary Baker Eddy.
   Reading the specially prepared Lesson-Sermon.
   After the reading of the Lesson-Sermon, silent communion,
which concluded with the audible repetition of
the Lord's Prayer.

MY 33

   Singing the Communion Doxology.
   Reading of a despatch from the members of the church
to Mrs. Eddy.
   Reading of "the scientific statement of being" (Science
and Health, p. 468), and the correlative Scripture,
1 John 3 : 1-3.
   The benediction.

*1 Hymn 306,  *2 Hymn 108, in Revised Hymnal

   The subject of the special Lesson-Sermon was "Adam,
Where Art Thou?" the Golden Text: "Search me, O
God, and know my heart:  try me, and know my
thoughts:  and see if there be any wicked way in me,
and lead me in the way everlasting."  (Psalms 139 : 23,

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