(PART 1) - The First Church of Christ, Scientist
Books by Mary Baker Eddy

CHAPTER II: The Extension of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist:
page 566


   Psalms 86:15, 16             345:31
   Matthew 9:2-8                337:10
                                494:30-2 Our Master

   Mark 12:30, 31                 9:17-21 Dost thou
   John 21:1 (first              53:8-11
       clause), 14-17            54:29-1
   1 John 4:21                  560:11-19, 22 The
                                  great; Abuse

   John 21:4-6, 9, 12, 13        34:29-29
   Revelation 3:20
   Revelation 7:13, 14, 16, 17

*1 The Science and Health references in this lesson are according
to the 1913 edition.

   During the progress of each service, First Reader
William D. McCrackan read to the congregation the

MY 36

dedicatory Message from their teacher and Leader, Mrs.
Mary Baker Eddy.
   The telegram from the church to Mrs. Eddy was read
by Mr. Edward A. Kimball of Chicago, and the five
thousand present rose as one to indicate their approval
of it.

  Rev. Mary Maker Eddy, Pastor Emeritus

   Beloved Teacher and Leader: - The members of your
church have assembled at this sacred time to commune
with our infinite heavenly Father and again to consecrate
all that we are or hope to be to a holy Christian service
that shall be acceptable unto God.
   Most of us are here because we have been delivered from
beds of sickness or withheld from open graves or reclaimed
from vice or redeemed from obdurate sin.  We have exchanged
the tears of sorrow for the joy of repentance and
the peace of a more righteous living, and now with blessed
accord we are come, in humility, to pour out our gratitude
to God and to bear witness to the abundance of salvation

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