(PART 1) - The First Church of Christ, Scientist
Books by Mary Baker Eddy

CHAPTER II: The Extension of The Mother Church of Christ, Scientist:
page 567

through His divine Christ.
   At this altar, dedicated to the only true God, we who
have been delivered from the depths increase the measure
of our devotion to the daily life and purpose which are in
the image and likeness of God.
   By these stately walls; by this sheltering dome; by
all the beauty of color and design, the Christian Scientists
of the world, in tender affection for the cause of human
weal, have fulfilled a high resolve and set up this tabernacle,
which is to stand as an enduring monument, a sign
of your understanding and proof that our Supreme
God, through His power and law, is the natural healer

MY 37

of all our diseases and hath ordained the way of salvation
of all men from all evil.  No vainglorious boast,
no pride of circumstances has place within the sacred
confines of this sanctuary.  Naught else than the grandeur
of humility and the incense of gratitude and compassionate
love can acceptably ascend heavenward from
this house of God.
   It is from the depths of tenderest gratitude, respect,
and affection that we declare again our high appreciation
of all that you have done and continue to do for the everlasting
advantage of this race.  Through you has been
revealed the verity and rule of the Christianity of Christ
which has ever healed the sick.  By your fidelity and the
constancy of your obedience during forty years you have
demonstrated this Science before the gaze of universal
humanity.  By reason of your spiritual achievement the
Cause of Christian Science has been organized and maintained,
its followers have been prospered, and the philosophy
of the ages transformed.  Recognizing the grand
truth that God is the supreme cause of all the activities of
legitimate existence, we also recognize that He has made
known through your spiritual perception the substance
of Christian Science, and that this church owes itself and
its prosperity to the unbroken activity of your labors,
which have been and will still be the pretext for our
confident and favorable expectation.
   We have read your annual Message to this church.
We are deeply touched by its sweet entreaty, its ineffable
loving-kindness, its wise counsel and admonition.
   With sacred resolution do we pray that we may give
heed and ponder and obey.  We would be glad if our
prayers, our rejoicing, and our love could recompense your

MY 38

long sacrifice and bestow upon you the balm of heavenly
joy, but knowing that every perfect gift cometh from
above, and that in God is all consolation and comfort,
we rest in this satisfying assurance, while we thank you
and renew the story of our love for you and for all that
you are and all that you have done for us.

                                        William B. Johnson, Clerk

   By means of a carefully trained corps of ushers, numbering
two hundred, there was no confusion in finding
seats, and when all seating space had been filled no more
were admitted until the next service.  The church was
filled for each service in about twenty minutes, and was
emptied in twelve, in spite of the fact that many of
the visitors showed a tendency to tarry to examine the
   It was "children's day" at noon, for the service at half
past twelve was specially reserved for them.  They filled
all the seats in the body of the church, and when it came
to the singing, the little ones were not a whit behind their
elders, their shrill trebles rising with the roll of the organ

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