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ideal of Christianity, because she is an exact
metaphysician.  She has illustrated what the poet perceived when he
said, "All's love, but all's law."  She has obeyed the divine
Principle, Love, without regrets and without resistance.
Human sense often rebels against law, hence the proverb:
Dura lex, sed lex (Hard is the law, nevertheless it is
the law).  But by her own blameless and happy life,
as well as by her teachings, our Leader has induced a

MY 41

multitude - how great no man can number - to become
gladly obedient to law, so that they think rightly
or righteously.
   No one can change the law of Christian metaphysics,
the law of right thinking, nor in any wise alter its
effects.  It is a forever fact that the meek and lowly in
heart are blessed and comforted by divine Love.  If the
proud are lonely and uncomforted, it is because they
have thoughts adverse to the law of love.  Pride, arrogance,
and self-will are unmerciful, and so receive judgment
without mercy; but the law of metaphysics says,
"Blessed are the merciful," and will allow no one to
escape that blessedness, howsoever far he may stray,
whatsoever lawlessness of hatred he may practise and
suffer from.
   So we see that Christian Science makes no compromise
with evil, sin, wrong, or imperfection, but maintains the
perfect standard of truth and righteousness and joy.  It
teaches us to rise from sentimental affection which admires
friends and hates enemies, into brotherly love which
is just and kind to all and unable to cherish any enmity.
It brings into present and hourly application what Paul
termed "the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus," and
shows man that his real estate is one of blessedness.  Why
should any one postpone his legitimate joy, and disregard
his lawful inheritance, which is "incorruptible and
undefiled"?  Our Leader and teacher not only discovered
Christian Science, but through long years of consecration
has obeyed its every demand, for our sakes as well as
for her own; and we begin to understand how illimitable
is the Love which supports such selfless devotion,
we begin to comprehend the "beauty of holiness," and

MY 42:
to be truly grateful to her who has depicted its form
and comeliness.  We have found it true that "she
openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is
the law of kindness."
   It is my pleasure to introduce to you a faithful follower
of this Leader as the President for the coming year, Willis
F. Gross, C.S.B., one who has for many years "witnessed
a good confession" in the practice of Christian Science.
You are no doubt already acquainted with him as one of
the helpful contributors to our periodicals, so that any
further words of mine are unnecessary.

   Mr. Gross, on assuming office, said: -

   Beloved Friends: - Most unexpectedly to me came the
call to serve you in this capacity, and I desire to improve
this opportunity to express my thanks for the honor conferred
upon me.  With a heart filled with gratitude for the
countless blessings which have come into my life through
Christian Science, I shall endeavor to perform this service
to the best of my ability.
   It affords me great pleasure to welcome you to our first
annual meeting held in the extension of The Mother
Church.  I shall not attempt to speak of the deep significance
of this momentous occasion.  I realize that only as
infinite good unfolds in each individual consciousness can
we begin to comprehend, even in small degree, how great
is the work that has been inaugurated by our beloved
Leader, how faithful is her allegiance to God, how untiring

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