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are her efforts, and how successful she is in the performance
of her daily tasks.
   "With a mighty hand, and with an outstretched arm"
were the children of Israel delivered from the bondage of

MY 43

the Egyptians, but this deliverance did not put them in
possession of the promised land.  An unknown wilderness
was before them, and that wilderness must be
conquered.  The law was given that they might know what
was required of them, that they might have a definite rule
of action whereby to order aright the affairs of daily life.
Obedience to the demands of the law revealed the God
of their fathers, and they learned to know Him.  During
their sojourn in the wilderness they suffered defeats and
met with disappointments, but they learned from experience
and finally became willingly obedient to the voice of
their leader.  The crossing of the Jordan brought them
into the promised land, and this experience was almost
as marvellous as had been the passage of the Red Sea
forty years before.  In obedience to the command of
Joshua, twelve stones taken from the midst of the river
were set up on the other side for a memorial.  In future
generations when it was asked, "What mean ye by these
stones?" it was told them:  Israel came over this Jordan
on dry ground.
   Forty years ago the Science of Christian healing was
revealed to our beloved Leader, the Rev. Mary Baker
Eddy.  A few years later she gave us our textbook,
"Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures."  Obedience
to the teachings of this book has brought us to this
hour.  We have learned from experience, and to-day we
rejoice that we have found in Christian Science that
which heals and saves.
   The world looks with wonder upon this grand achievement,
- the completion and dedication of our magnificent
temple, - and many are asking, "What mean ye by these
stones?"  The answer is, The way out of the wilderness

MY 44

of human beliefs has been revealed.  Through the understanding
of God as an ever-present help, the sick are being
healed, the shackles of sin are being broken, heavy burdens
are being laid down, tears are being wiped away, and
Israel is going up to possess the promised land of eternal,
harmonious existence.
   Friends, our progress may be fast or it may be slow,
but one thing is certain, it will be sure, if we are obedient
to the loving counsel of our ever faithful Leader.
The Christ is here, has come to individual consciousness;
and the faithful disciple rejoices in prophecy fulfilled,
"Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of
the world."

Telegram to Mrs. Eddy

   Judge Septimus J. Hanna then advanced to the
front of the platform, read the following despatch, and
moved that it be forwarded at once to our Leader,
Mrs. Eddy.  The motion was carried unanimously by a
rising vote.
   The despatch was as follows: -

  To the Rev. Mary Baker Eddy,
  Pleasant View, Concord, N. H.

   Beloved Teacher and Leader: - The members of The
Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist,
in Boston, Mass., in annual meeting assembled, hereby
convey to you their sincere greetings and their deep
   They desire to express their continued loyalty to your
teachings, their unshaken confidence in the unerring wisdom
of your leadership, and their confident assurance

MY 45

that strict and intelligent recognition of and obedience to
the comprehensive means by you provided for the furtherance
of our Cause, will result in its perpetuity as well
as in the ultimate regeneration of its adherents and of

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