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   We are witnessing with joy and gratitude the significant
events associated with this, one of the greatest and most
important gatherings of Christian Scientists in the annals
of our history.  Yet the upwards of thirty thousand who
are physically present at the dedication represent only a
small part of the entire body who are of us and with us
in the animus and spirit of our movement.
   The great temple is finished!  That which you have long
prophetically seen has been accomplished.  The magnificent
edifice stands a fitting monument of your obedience
and fidelity to the divine Principle revealed to you in that
momentous hour when purblind mortal sense declared you
to be in extremis.  You followed unswervingly the guidance
of Him who went before you by day in a pillar of
cloud to lead you in the way, and by night in a pillar
of fire to give you light, and the results of such following
have been marvellous beyond human ken.  As clearly
as in retrospect we see the earlier leading, we now discern
the fulfilment of the later prophecy, that "He took not
away the pillar of cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by
night," for each advancing step has logically followed
the preceding one.
   The great temple is finished!  This massive pile of New
Hampshire granite and Bedford stone, rising to a height
of two hundred and twenty-four feet, one foot loftier than
the Bunker Hill monument, stands a material type of
Truth's permanence.  In solid foundation, in symmetrical

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arches, in generous hallways, in commodious foyer and
broad stairways, in exquisite and expansive auditorium,
and in towering, overshadowing dome, the great structure
stands, silently but eloquently beckoning us on towards
a higher and more spiritual plane of living, for we know
that without this spiritual significance it were but a passing
   In the best sense it stands in prophetic verity of the
primary declaration of this church in its original organization;
namely, "To organize a church designed to commemorate
the word and works of our Master, which should
reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element
of healing."  (Church Manual, p. 17.)  To rise to the
demands of this early pronouncement is the work of true
Christian Scientists.
   To preach the gospel and heal the sick on the Christbasis
is the essential requirement of a reinstated
Christianity.  Only as we pledge ourselves anew to this demand,
and then fulfil the pledge in righteous living, are we faithful,
obedient, deserving disciples.
   On this solemn occasion, and in the presence of this
assembled host, we do hereby pledge ourselves to a deeper
consecration, a more sincere and Christly love of God and
our brother, and a more implicit obedience to the sacred
teachings of the Bible and our textbook, as well as to the
all-inclusive instructions and admonitions of our Church
Manual in its spiritual import, that we may indeed reach
"unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem,
and to an innumerable company of angels, to the general
assembly and church of the firstborn."
                                        William B. Johnson, Clerk
\Boston, Mass., June 12, 1906

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Report of the Clerk

   Beloved Brethren of The First Church of Christ, Scientist,
in Boston, Mass.: - It seems meet at this time, when
thousands of Christian Scientists have gathered here

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