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manifested on the part of the people, and we know of no
one who is so able as she to lead us to the higher understanding
of Christianity, whereby to heal the sick and
reform the sinner.  It was moved to instruct the Clerk to
have our pastor remain with us for a few Sundays if not
   At a meeting of the church, December 15, 1880, an invitation
was extended to Mrs. Eddy to accept the pastorate
for the ensuing year; but, as the records state, "she gave
no definite answer, believing that it was for the interest
of the Cause, and her duty, to go into new fields to
teach and preach."
   An interesting record relative to this very early work of
the church, and its appreciation of Mrs. Eddy's tireless
labors, is that of July 20, 1881, which reads, "That we,
the members of The Church of Christ, Scientist, tender to
our beloved pastor, Mrs. Eddy, the heartfelt thanks and
gratitude shared by all who have attended the services, in
appreciation of her earnest endeavors, her arduous labors,
and successful instructions to heal the sick, and reform

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the sinner, by metaphysical truth or Christian Science, during
the past year.  Resolved:  That while she had many
obstacles to overcome, many mental hardships to endure,
she has borne them bravely, blessing them that curse her,
loving them that despitefully use her, thereby giving in
her Christian example, as well as her instructions, the
highest type of womanhood, or the love that heals.  And
while we sincerely acknowledge our indebtedness to her,
and to God, for these blessings, we, each and all, will make
greater efforts more faithfully to sustain her in her work.
Resolved:  That while we realize the rapid growth, and
welcome the fact of the spreading world wide of this great
truth, that Mind, Truth, Life, and Love, as taught and
expressed by our pastor, does heal the sick, and, when
understood, does bring out the perfection of all things, we
also realize we must use more energy and unselfish labor
to establish these our Master's commands and our pastor's
teachings, namely, heal the sick, and preach the gospel,
and love our neighbor as ourselves."
   Eighteen years ago, the Rev. James Henry Wiggin, who
was not a Christian Scientist, wrote as follows: "Whatever
is to be Mrs. Eddy's future reputation, time will
show.  Little cares she, if only through her work Truth
may be glorified.  More than once, in her earnestness, she
has reached her bottom dollar, but the interest of the
world to hear her word has always filled her coffers anew.
Within a few months she has made sacrifices from which
most authors would have shrunk, to insure the moral
rightness of her book."  This statement "Phare Pleigh"
he nom de plume of the Rev. James Henry Wiggin]
makes out of his own peculiar knowledge of the
circumstances.  "Day after day flew by, and weeks lengthened

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into months; from every quarter came important missives
of inquiry and mercantile reproach; hundreds of
dollars were sunk into a bottomless sea of corrections;
yet not until the authoress was satisfied that her duty
was wholly done, would she allow printer and binder to
send forth her book to the world."  This book has now
reached its four hundredth edition, each of one thousand
   On September 8, 1882, it was voted that the church
hold its meetings of worship in the parlors of Mrs. Eddy's
home, 569 Columbus Avenue, Boston.  The services were
held there until November, 1883, and then in the Hawthorne
Rooms, at No. 3 Park Street, the seating capacity
of which place was about two hundred and
twenty-five.  At a meeting October 22, 1883, the church voted

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