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June is 682, 614 of which show a membership of
41,944.  The number of societies advertised in the
Journal is 267.
   Shortly before the dedication of The Mother Church in
1895, the Boston Evening Transcript said: "Wonders will
never cease.  Here is a church whose Treasurer has sent
out word that no sums except those already subscribed
can be received.  The Christian Scientists have a faith
of the mustard-seed variety.  What a pity some of our

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practical Christian folk have not a faith approximate to
that of these impractical Christian Scientists."
   The fact that a notice was published in the Christian
Science Sentinel of last Saturday that no more funds
are needed to complete the extension of The Mother
Church, proves the truth of the axiom, "History repeats
itself."  These are the evidences of the magnificent
growth of this Cause, and are sufficient refutation
of the statements that have been made that "Christian
Science is dying out."
   The majesty and the dignity of this church edifice not
only shows the growth of this Cause, but proclaims the
trust, the willingness of those who have contributed to
the erection of these mighty walls.
   This magnificent structure, this fitting testimonial in
stone, speaks more than words can picture of the love and
gratitude of a great multitude that has been healed and
purified through the labor and sacrifice of our revered
Leader and teacher, Mary Baker Eddy, the one through
whom God has revealed a demonstrable way of salvation.
May her example inspire us to follow her in preaching,
"The kingdom of heaven is at hand," by healing the
sick and reforming the sinful, and, as she has done, verifying
Jesus' words, "Lo, I am with you alway."

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