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  Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy,
  Pleasant View, Concord, N. H.

   Dear Leader and Guide: - Now that the great event,
the dedication of our new church building, is over, may
I ask a little of your time to tell you of the interesting
part I had to perform in this wonderful consummation.
On the twenty-fifth of last March I was asked by one
of the Directors if I would care to do a little watching

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at the church.  I gladly answered in the affirmative, and
have been in the building part of every night since that
time.  To watch the transformation has been very interesting
indeed, and the lessons I have learned of the
power of divine Mind to remove human obstructions
have been very precious.  At first I thought that, since
it seemed impossible for the building to be completed
before the end of summer, the communion would likely
be postponed until that time.  Then came the announcement
that the services would be held in the new extension
on June 10.  I saw at once that somebody had to
wake up.  I fought hard with the evidence of mortal
sense for a time; but after a while, in the night, as
I was climbing over stones and planks and plaster,
I raised my eyes, and the conviction that the work
would be accomplished came to me so clearly, I said
aloud, "Why, there is no fear; this house will be ready
for the service, June 10."  I bowed my head before
the might of divine Love, and never more did I have
any doubt.
   One feature about the work interested me.  I noticed
that as soon as the workmen began to admit that the work
could be done, everything seemed to move as by magic;
the human mind was giving its consent.  This taught me
that I should be willing to let God work.  I have often
stood under the great dome, in the dark stillness of the
night, and thought, "What cannot God do?"  (Science
and Health, p. 135.)
   As I discovered the many intricate problems which must
necessarily present themselves in such an immense undertaking,
I appreciated as never before the faithful, earnest
work of our noble Board of Directors.  With unflinching

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faith and unfailing fidelity they have stood at the
breast-works in the battle, and won the reward, "Well done,
good and faithful servant; . . . enter thou into the joy
of thy lord."
   But what of this magnificent structure?  Whence did it
come?  To me it is the result of the love that trembled
in one human heart when it whispered: "Dear God, may
I not take this precious truth and give it to my brothers
and sisters?"  How can we ever thank God enough for
such an one, - ever thank you enough for your unselfed
love.  May the glory which crowns the completion of this
structure shed its brightest beams on your pathway, and
fill your heart with the joy of Love's victory.
                                        Your sincere follower,
                                        James J. Rome
\Boston, Mass., June 30, 1906

  Rev. Mary Baker Eddy,
  Pleasant View, Concord, N. H.

   Beloved Leader and Teacher: - We, the Directors of
your church, send you loving greetings and congratulations
upon the completion of the magnificent extension of The
Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, and we again express

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