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our thankful appreciation of your wise counsel, timely
instruction, and words of encouragement when they were
so much needed.
   We acknowledge with many thanks the valuable services
rendered to this Board by the members of the business
committee, who were ever ready to assist us in every way
possible; also the services of other members of the church,
who gave freely of their time and efforts when there was
urgent need of both.

MY 63

   We do not forget that it was through you we were enabled
to secure the services of Mr. Whitcomb as builder
in the early days of the construction of the church, and of
Mr. Beman in an advisory capacity in the later days; for
this, and for their valuable services, we are grateful.
   Lovingly and gratefully your students,
                                        The Christian Science Board of Directors,
                                        By William B. Johnson, Secretary
                                          Boston, Mass., July 10, 1906

ditorial in Christian Science Sentinel, June 23, 1906]

   Our annual communion and the dedication of the extension
of The Mother Church are over, and this happy and
holy experience has become a part of our expanding consciousness
of Truth, to abide with us and enable us better
to work out the purposes of divine Love.  It was scarcely
possible to repress a feeling of exultation as friend met
friend at every turn with words of rejoicing; and even the
greetings and congratulations of those not of our faith
seemed to say that all the world was in some degree sharing
in our joy.  But within our sacred edifice there came a
deeper feeling, a feeling of awe and of reverence beyond
words, - a new sense of the magnitude of Christian
Science, this revelation of divinity which has come to the
present age.  Grandly does our temple symbolize this
revelation, in its purity, stateliness, and vastness; but
even more impressive than this was the presence of the
thousands who had come, as the Master predicted, "from
the east, and from the west, and from the north, and
from the south," to tell by their presence that they had
been healed by Christ, Truth, and had found the kingdom
of God.

MY 64

   As one thought upon the significance of the occasion,
the achievements of our beloved Leader and her relation
to the experiences of the hour took on a larger and truer
meaning.  The glories of the realm of infinite Mind,
revealed to us through her spiritual attainments and her
years of toil, encompassed us, and hearts were thrilled
with tender gratitude and love for all that she has done.
If to-day we feel a pardonable pride in being known as
Christian Scientists, it is because our Leader has made the
name an honored one before the world.
   In her dedicatory Message to The Mother Church,
Mrs. Eddy says, "The First Commandment of the Hebrew
Decalogue, 'Thou shalt have no other gods before me,'
and the Golden Rule are the all-in-all of Christian Science."
In all her writings, through all the years of her leadership,
she has been teaching her followers both by precept and

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