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APPENDIX TO PART I: As Chronicled by the Newspapers
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APPENDIX TO PART I: As Chronicled by the Newspapers

oston Journal, June 19, 1902]


   Assembled in the largest church business meeting ever
held in Boston - perhaps the largest ever held in the
United States - the members of The First Church of
Christ, Scientist, Boston, The Mother Church of the
denomination, voted yesterday afternoon to raise any part
of two million dollars that might be needed to build
in this city a church edifice capable of seating between
four and five thousand persons.  This astonishing motion
was passed with both unanimity and assurance.  It was
not even talked over, beyond two brief explanations why
the building was needed.  Learning that a big church was
required, the money to provide it was pledged with the
readiness and despatch of an ordinary mortal passing out
a nickel for carfare.

oston Globe, April, 1903]


   The last parcel in the block bounded by Falmouth,
Norway, and St. Paul Streets, in the shape of a triangle,
has passed to the ownership of the Christian Science
church, the deed being taken by Ira O. Knapp et al.,

MY 66

trustees.  The purchase of this parcel, which is known as
the Hotel Brookline, a four-story brick building also in the
shape of a triangle, gives to the above society the ownership
of the entire block.
   During the past two weeks considerable activity has
been going on in property on these streets, no less than
ten estates having been conveyed by deed to the Christian
Science church, and now comes the purchase of the last
parcel on St. Paul Street by the above society, which
gives them the ownership of the entire block.
   Just what use the society will make of the property
has not been stated, but it is said that a number of changes
will be made that will enable the church to expand, and
to do so it was necessary to have this property.  No block
is so well situated for church purposes as this one, being
in a fine part of the city.

oston Post, June 6, 1906]


   Artisans and artists are working night and day and
craftsmen are hurrying on with their work to make the
spacious and elegant edifice complete for the elaborate
observances of Sunday, when six services will be held,
and when the words of Mary Baker Eddy will come from
her beautiful home, Pleasant View, in Concord, N. H.,
welcoming her children and giving her blessing to the
   The services of Sunday will mark an epoch in the history
of Christian Science.  Since the discovery by Mrs. Eddy,
many beautiful houses of worship have been erected, but
never before has such a grand church been built as that

MY 67

which raises its dome above the city at the corner of
Falmouth and Norway Streets.

oston Post]


Extension of The Mother Church

      Cost .............................  $2,000,000
      Shape, triangular ...........  220x220x236 ft.
      Height ..............................  224 ft.
      Area of site .................  40,000 sq. ft.
      Seating capacity ......................  5,000
      Checking facilities ..........  3,000 garments

Notable Dates in Christian Science

      Christian Science discovered............  1866
      First church organized .................  1879

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