(PART 1) - The First Church of Christ, Scientist
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APPENDIX TO PART I: As Chronicled by the Newspapers
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people can freely move.  Adjoining this foyer are the
Sunday School and the administration offices, while in
the basement is a cloak-room of the capacity of three
thousand wraps.

oston Globe]


   If one would get an idea of the size of this building and
the manner in which the dome seems to dominate the
entire city, the best point of view is on top of the tower
in Mt. Auburn cemetery in Cambridge, some four miles
away.  From this point the building and dome can be seen

MY 70

in their relation to the city itself, and it certainly looks
   One thing is certain:  for a religion which has been
organized only thirty years, and which erected its first
church only twelve years ago, Christian Science has more
fine church edifices to its credit in the same time than
any other denomination in the world, and they are all
paid for.

oston Evening Transcript]


   The chimes for the new Christian Science temple are
worthy of the dome.  The effect on all within earshot is
quite remarkable.  They say that workingmen stopped
in the street and stood in silent admiration while the
chimes were being tested the other day.  Millet's
"Angelus" had living reproductions on every corner in
the neighborhood.

oston Post]


   The new church is replete with rare bits of art, chosen
from the works of both ancient and modern masters, but
there is nothing more wonderful than the organ which
has been installed.  Nowhere in the world is there a more
beautiful, more musical, or more capable instrument.
In reality it is a combination of six organs, with four
manuals, seventy-two stops, nineteen couplers, nineteen
adjustable combination pistons, three balanced swells,
a grand crescendo pedal, seven combination pedals, and
forty-five hundred and thirty-eight pipes, the largest of
which is thirty-two feet long.  Attached to the organ is

MY 71

a set of cathedral chimes, stationed in one of the towers,
and some of the most intricate discoveries of organ
builders enable the organist to produce the most beautiful
effects by means of the bells.  There is also a solo organ

oston Journal]


   There is no need of fussing about the underlying spirit
that built the Christian Science cathedral.  We can all
agree that it is a stunning piece of architecture and a
great adornment to the city.

oston Globe]


   When these people enter this new cathedral or temple
which has been in process of construction, they will find
themselves in one of the most imposing church edifices
in the country - yes, in the world.  For in its interior
architecture it is different from any other church in the
world.  In fact, nearly all the traditions of church interior
architecture have been set aside in this temple, for here
are neither nave, aisles, nor transept - just one vast auditorium
which will seat exactly five thousand and twelve
people on floor and galleries, and seat them
comfortably.  And what is more, every person seated in the
auditorium, either on floor or galleries, can see and hear
the two Readers who conduct the services on the platform
in front of the great organ.
   This was the aim and object of the architect:  to construct
an auditorium that would seat five thousand people,
each of whom could see the Readers, and with such nicely

MY 72

adjusted acoustic properties that each person could hear
what was said.  To do this it was necessary to set aside

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