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APPENDIX TO PART I: As Chronicled by the Newspapers
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the traditions of interior church architecture.

oston Post]


   The gates of Boston are open wide in welcome to
nobility.  Never before has the city been more frequented
by members of the titled aristocracy of the
old world than it is now.  From all the centres of Europe
there are streaming into town lords and ladies who
come to attend the dedication of the new church for
Christian Scientists.

oston Globe]


   "Please do not send us any more money - we have
   Briefly that is the notice which Stephen A. Chase,
treasurer of the building fund of the new Christian Science
temple, sent forth to the thirty thousand or more
Christian Scientists who have come to Boston to attend
the dedication exercises, and also through the Christian
Science Sentinel to members of the church all over
the world.
   This means that nearly two million dollars has
been subscribed for the new building, and that every
cent of it was paid in before the work was actually
   That is the way the Christian Scientists began when
they erected the first church in Boston twelve years ago

MY 73

- The Mother Church.  Then it was found necessary
to issue a similar notice or order, and even to return
more than ten thousand dollars which had been
over-subscribed.  They have erected dozens of churches all
over this country and in other countries since that time,
but it is claimed that very few of them owe a cent.
   If you ask a Christian Scientist how they do it, the
reply will be in the form of a quotation from Science
and Health (p. 494), "Divine Love always has met and
always will meet every human need."

oston Globe]


   Christian Scientists are flocking from all over the
world to Boston to-day, as they have been for several
days past and will be for several days to come, to attend
the June meetings of The Mother Church and the dedication
of the new temple.
   The headquarters was thrown open to visitors this
forenoon in Horticultural Hall, corner of Huntington
and Massachusetts Avenues.  It is in charge of G. D.
Robertson, and here the visitors will receive all information
concerning rooms and board, hotels, railroads, etc.  There
is here also a post-office to which all mail may be directed,
and telegraph and telephone service.

oston Evening Transcript]


   Special trains and extra sections of trains are due to
arrive in Boston to-night, bearing the first instalments of
the crowds of Christian Scientists from the central and

MY 74

western sections of this country.  Those from abroad
and from the far West to a large degree are already in
Boston.  From now until Saturday night the inrush will
be from the sections within two or three days' ride, and
no doubt the night trains of Saturday will bring considerable
numbers of belated church members from New
York and elsewhere who will arrive in this city just about
in time for the first Sunday service.

oston Evening Transcript]


   The Christian Scientists are here in force, and they are
very interesting and agreeable visitors, even to those who
are unable to accompany them in their triumph of mind
over matter.  Boston is indebted to them for one of the
finest architectural achievements in this or any other city,
and other denominations might profit by their example of
paying for their church before dedicating it.  It is a monument

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