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APPENDIX TO PART I: As Chronicled by the Newspapers
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to the sincerity of their faith; and the pride and
satisfaction that is not only evident from their addresses
but reflected in their faces, is justifiable.  They are an
intelligent and a happy appearing body, and even if those
outside are unable to believe that they have escaped from
the bondage of the material world, it would be idle to
attempt to deny them the satisfaction that springs from
a belief in such emancipation.  Our present relations with
them are as the guests of the city, and as such they are
   Within two weeks we have had here the representatives
of the two poles of healing, the material and the mental,
and each is interesting, one for its hopefulness and the
other for its novelty.  Whatever opinions we may entertain

MY 75

of the value of the latter, we cannot well withhold
our respectful acknowledgment of its enthusiasm, its
energy, and its faith in its fundamentals.  Its votaries
are certainly holding the centre of the stage this week.

oston Globe]


   Yesterday was a busy day at the headquarters of the
Christian Scientists in Horticultural Hall.  They poured
into the city from every direction and most of them
headed straight for Horticultural Hall, where they were
assigned rooms in hotels or lodging-houses, if they had
not already been provided for.  So perfect have been all
the preliminary arrangements for the handling of a great
number of visitors that there has not been the slightest
hitch in the matter of securing accommodations.  And
if there was it would not make much difference, for these
people would take it all very good-naturedly.  They
do not get excited over trifles.  They are very patient and
good-natured.  Crowded as the hall was yesterday, and
warm as the day was, there was not the slightest evidence
of temper, no matter how far they had travelled or what
discomforts they might have endured in their travels.

oston Evening Transcript]


   According to the custom of the Christian Scientists, the
big addition to The Mother Church will be dedicated
to-morrow free from debt.  No church has ever yet been
dedicated by this denomination with any part of the
expense of its construction remaining unprovided for, and

MY 76

it went without saying that the same practice would be
followed with this new two-million-dollar edifice, the
largest of them all.  Up to within ten days the notices
that more money was needed had been in circulation,
and new contributions were constantly being received;
but on June 2 it became evident to the Board of Directors
that enough money was on hand to provide for the
entire cost of the building, and the formal announcement
was made that no more contributions to the building fund
were needed.  That it was received with rejoicing by the
thousands of church members and their friends only feebly
expresses the gratification.
   A similar decision was reached and published at the
time of the dedication of The Mother Church in 1895, all
of which goes to show the earnestness and loyalty which
Christian Scientists manifest in the support of their
church work, and which enables them to dedicate their
churches free of debt without exception.  The estimated
cost of the extension of The Mother Church was pledged
by the members assembled in their annual church meeting
in Boston, in 1902, and all contributions have been

ew York Herald]


   There will be dedicated in Boston to-morrow the
first great monument to Christian Science, the new
two-million-dollar cathedral erected by the devotees of a

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