(PART 1) - The First Church of Christ, Scientist
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APPENDIX TO PART I: As Chronicled by the Newspapers
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faces turned upward.

orfolk (Neb.) Tribune]


   To those who seem to see no good in Christian Science,
it must stagger their faith not a little to read the account
of the dedication of the vast temple located in the heart
of the city of Boston, the supposed fountain of knowledge
and seat of learning of America; the spectacle of thirty
thousand people assembling to gain admission to the
temple shows an enthusiasm for Christian Science seldom
witnessed anywhere in the world on any occasion; and
this occurred in staid old Boston, and the fact was heralded
in flaming headlines in the leading newspapers of the
world.  According to the despatches, that assembly was
not a gathering of "the vulgar throng;" the intelligence
and wisdom of the country were there.  There certainly
must be something more than a fad in Christian Science,
which was placed upon a far higher pedestal by that
demonstration than it ever occupied before.

oston Herald]


   Quietly, without a trace of fanaticism, making their
remarkable statements with a simplicity which sprang
from the conviction that they would be believed, scores of
Christian Scientists told of cures from diseases, physical
and mental, at the testimony meetings that marked the

MY 80

close of their visit to Boston; cures that carried one back
to the age of miracles.  To hear prosperous, contented
men and women, people of substance and of standing,
earnestly assure thousands of auditors that they had been
cured of blindness, of consumption in its advanced stages,
of heart disease, of cancer; that they had felt no pain
when having broken bones set; that when wasted unto
death they had been made whole, constituted a severe tax
upon frail human credulity, yet they were believed.
   Meetings were held in the extension of The Mother
Church, in the extension vestry, in the old auditorium
of The Mother Church, in The Mother Church vestry,
Horticultural Hall (Exhibition Hall), Horticultural Hall
(Lecture Hall), Jordan Hall, Potter Hall, Howe and
Woolson Halls, Chickering Hall.
   At each of the meetings the introductory services were
identical, consisting of hymns, an appropriate reading
from the Bible, and selections from "Science and Health
with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Mary Baker
   Fifteen thousand Scientists crowded into the auditorium
of the extension of The Mother Church, into the old
church, into Horticultural Hall, Jordan Hall, Potter Hall,
Woolson Hall, and Chickering Hall, and it took ten
meetings to accommodate the great throngs who wanted
to give testimony or who wanted to hear it.  And when
these places had all been filled, there were many hundreds
waiting vainly in the streets.  A few were upon the scene
as early as three o'clock in the afternoon to secure seats
in the main body of the church, where the largest meeting
was held, and long before seven the auditorium was comfortably

MY 81

   Upon entering The Mother Church one was immediately
struck with the air of well-being and of prosperity of the
great congregation.  The Scientists fairly radiate good
nature and healthy satisfaction with life.  No pessimistic
faces there!  So ingrained is this good nature, so complete
this self-abnegation, that at the very height of fervor, when
bursting with a desire to testify to the benefits and the
healing power of the faith, one of them would pause and
laughingly give precedence to another who had been the
first to catch the Reader's eye.
   When Mr. McCrackan announced at the main meeting
that they were ready to receive testimony, up

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