(PART 1) - The First Church of Christ, Scientist
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APPENDIX TO PART I: As Chronicled by the Newspapers
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naturally takes on a tone of deserved satisfaction, in view
of the announcement, which has just been made, that the
two million dollars needed for the construction of the new
temple has been raised even before the building itself has
been completed.
   The thirty thousand visitors have other evidences of
the strength and growth of their organization, which has
made steady gains in recent years.  But of this particular
example of the readiness of the members to bear
each his or her share of the necessary expense of church

MY 84

work, the facts speak more plainly than mere assertion
could.  Nothing is more of a drag on a church than a
heavy debt, the interest on which calls for practically all
the resources of the institution.  Many a clergyman can
testify from his own experience how a "church debt"
cramps and retards and holds back work that would
otherwise be done.  It is a rule in some denominations
that a church edifice may not be formally dedicated until
it be wholly free from debt.  And the experience of many
generations has affirmed its wisdom.

oston Herald]

   Boston is the Mecca for Christian Scientists all over the
world.  The new temple is something to be proud of.  Its
stately cupola is a fitting crown for the other architectural
efforts in that section of the Back Bay.

oston Evening Record]

   Boston is near to another great demonstration of the
growth of the Christian Science idea in numbers, wealth,
vigor, and faithful adherence.  It is a remarkable story
which the gathering here tells.  Its very magnitude and
the cheerful optimism and energy of its followers impress
even the man who cannot reconcile himself to
the methods and tenets of the sect.  Its hold and
development are most notable.

oston Post]

   The gathering of Christian Scientists for the dedication
of the beautiful structure on Falmouth Street, which is
to take place on Sunday, is notable in many ways.  It

MY 85

is remarkable in the character of the assembling membership,
in its widely international range, and in the
significance of the occasion.
   The growth of this cult is the marvel of the age.  Thirty
years ago it was comparatively unknown; one church
and a mere handful of members measured its vogue.
To-day its adherents number probably a million, its
churches have risen by hundreds, and its congregations
meet in Europe and in the antipodes, as from the Atlantic
to the Pacific on this continent.
   One does not need to accept the doctrines of Mrs.
Eddy to recognize the fact that this wonderful woman
is a world power.  This is conclusive; it is conspicuously
manifest.  And here in Boston the zeal and
enthusiasm of the followers of this creed have been
manifested in the building of a church structure which
will hold place among the architectural beauties of the

oston Herald]

   Another glory for Boston, another "landmark" set
in the illustrious list for future generations to reverence
and admire!  The Science church has become the great
centre of attraction, not merely for its thousands of worshippers,
but for a multitude of strangers to whom this
historic city is the Mecca of their love and duty.  Last
Sunday it was entirely credible that the spirit of faith
and brotherhood rested on this structure, which is absolutely
unique in its symmetrical and appropriate design.
Aside from every other consideration, this church, with
its noble dome of pure gray tint, forming one of the
few perfect sky-lines in an American city, is doubly

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