(PART 1) - The First Church of Christ, Scientist
Books by Mary Baker Eddy

APPENDIX TO PART I: As Chronicled by the Newspapers
page 592

welcomed.  Henceforth the greeting of admiring eyes,
too often unaccustomed to fine architectural effects, will
be constant and sincere.
   As Boston has ever loved its golden State House
dome, so will it now find pleasure in this new symbol,
brooding elevation, guarding as it were, embracing as it
may be, the hosts of a new religion.

oston Globe]

   Thousands of Christian Scientists have been pouring
into Boston in the past few days to be present at the
dedication yesterday of their new two-million-dollar
church, and to take part in the subsequent ceremonies and
exercises.  Not only was every cent of the estimated cost
contributed before the actual work was completed, but
the treasurer of the building fund of the great temple
appealed to his brethren to give no more money, since he
had enough.  This must be regarded as an extraordinary
achievement, and one which indicates plainly enough the
generosity of the devotion that the Christian Scientists
maintain towards their church.

oston Post]

   The dedication of the edifice of the Christian Scientists
on the Back Bay has proved one of the most interesting
and in some of its aspects the most notable of such
   The attendance at the ceremonies yesterday was remarkable,
probably unprecedented, as regards numbers.
Not even the great size of the auditorium could accommodate
the throng of participants.  At each of the identical
services, repeated at intervals from early morning

MY 87

until the evening, the attendance was greater than the
building could contain.  And the transportation facilities
of the town have been strained to their utmost to care
for the multitudes going and coming.
   The temporary increase of the population of Boston has
been apparent to the most casual observer.  And so, we
think, must be the characteristics of this crowd of visitors.
It is a pleasant, congenial, quietly happy, well-to-do,
intellectual, and cheerfully contented multitude that has
invaded the town.  There are among them visitors of
title and distinction, but one does not notice these unless
they are pointed out.  The impression created is that of
a great gathering of people we like to know and like to
have here.
   We congratulate these comfortable acquaintances upon
the fact that they have their costly church fully paid for,
and we feel that Boston is to be congratulated upon the
acquisition of an edifice so handsome architecturally.

oston Herald]

   I do not think I have ever seen more cheerful looking
groups of people than I have met in Boston during the
past few days.  Their happy faces would make sunshine
on the grayest day.  If Christian Science gives such
serene, beautiful expressions, it would not be a bad thing
if all the world turned to the new religion.  There is one
thing about it:  it is certainly imbued with the spirit of
unselfishness and helpfulness, and, whatever one's special
creed may be, there is nothing antagonistic to it in this
doctrine of health, happiness, and in the cheerful doing
of good.

MY 88


ontreal (Can.) Gazette]

   Twenty thousand Christian Scientists have assembled
at Boston to attend the opening of their great new
temple.  Christian Science, as now before this continent,
is the development of a short lifetime.  It shows
strength in all parts, and among classes above the average
in intelligence.

oncord (N. H.) Monitor]

   The dedication, Sunday, in Boston, of the new Mother
Church of the Christian Science faith was a ceremonial of

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