(PART 1) - The First Church of Christ, Scientist
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APPENDIX TO PART I: As Chronicled by the Newspapers
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erre Haute (Ind.) Star]

   The dedication of The Mother Church of Christian
Science at Boston, with its paid-up cost of two million
dollars and its tremendous outpouring of eager communicants
from all over the civilized world, is an event of
impressiveness and momentous significance.  The historic
place of Mrs. Eddy as the Founder of a great denomination
can no longer be questioned, and the sources of her power
and following can be readily apprehended.  Prominent
among these is the denomination's peculiar department of
healing, the efficacy of which to some extent is established

MY 91

beyond cavil.  The immense membership of the body is
proof positive that it supplies these persons, most of
whom were already nominal Christians, something they
did not find in other communions.  It affords refutation
of the notion that spiritual and mystic mediation has
been drowned out in this so-called commercial age.  The
Christian Scientists set a good example to other denominations
in requiring their church edifices to be fully paid
for before they are dedicated.  It is to be said for Christian
Science that no person's spiritual aspirations were
ever deadened or his moral standards debased through
its agency.  Its communicants are cheerful and shed
sunshine about them - no insignificant element in true

afayette (Ind.) Journal]

   The dedication of a Christian Science temple at Boston
serves to call attention to one of the most remarkable
religious movements that this country or any other country
has ever known.  It has not been very many years since
Christian Science was announced as a discovery of Mary
Baker Eddy of Concord, N. H.  The few thousand persons
who followed Mrs. Eddy during the first years of her
preaching were the objects of much ridicule, but despite
the obstacles put in the way the church has continued to
grow.  Its growth in numbers is remarkable, but even
stranger is its increase in wealth.  The temple which has
just been dedicated at Boston cost two million dollars,
and is one of the finest places of worship in the world,
at least it is the largest in New England.  This Mother
Church is absolutely free from debt.  After but a few
years, Christian Science has congregations in every important

MY 92

town and city of the United States.  Of course
the new idea will never have determined its real position
in the doctrines of the world until it has stood the test of
time.  But its beginning has been impressive, and that
large numbers of intelligent men and women should be
converted to it makes it appear that Science cannot
be brushed aside by ridicule alone.

pringfield (Mass.) Republican]

   The prodigious convention of Christian Scientists in
Boston is a portent worthy of perhaps even more interest
than it has evoked in that city, where a new temple to
Isis and Osiris would be hardly more than a day's wonder.
With the swift growth of the new faith the public has in
a general way been familiar; it is but a few years ago that
the astonishing revelation was made that since 1890 its
following had increased from an insignificant number to
hundreds of thousands, a rate at which every other sect in
the country would soon be left behind.  But mere statistics
give a feeble impression in comparison with so huge and
concrete a demonstration as the dedication of this vast
temple.  The statistics have been ridiculed by the hostile
as mere guesswork, but one cannot sneer away the two-million-dollar
stone edifice or the thirty thousand worshippers
who entered its portals Sunday.

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